Above the Influence Commercial Spoof


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Above the Influence Commercial SpoofGreen Efforts is a non-profit organization that fights for the legalization and/or decriminalization of marijuana. The organization Above the Influence is ac…

44 comments on “Above the Influence Commercial Spoof

  1. ciaran keys on

    for one thing thats what cigarettes are thier for weed is actualy not bad for your lungs unless its smoked from a blunt

  2. BeeSeriousFilms on

    That was really funny, thanx for the laugh haha. I did a propaganda high above the influence PSA that won awards I have on my Channel. Shows the notions people have twords pot use.

  3. savercorp on

    We pledge to NEVER AGAIN RALLY for anyone who continues this war on chem users; free the civil disobedient inherent freeborn thrown in chains by the prejudiced in American history!
    Our prison States arm their soldiers! In a cycle, are you blinded to learning from created past unbalanced worlds? Obama, I helped elect . . . But it is time to stop being a president and become the LEGEND you were meant to be . . .

  4. Yourcatsdead on

    Uh maybe you don’t get it that we will grow our own?!?!?!? HOLY FUCKING SHIT NO WAY!

    I know believe. We’re not as dumb as you think.

  5. sneedledout on

    haha if only those above the influence commercial showed what really happens when you get high: a normal harmless day

  6. Kingoftorts1 on

    hmmm…. this message is a bit different from above the influence’s. According to them, if you smoke one joint, you become addicted, go insane, and ruin all your relationships.

  7. ciaran keys on

    it would actualy cost more you need to remember it would probably be sold at pharmacys in the beggining it would take a while until they would start doing it in convieniance stores

  8. marshallsmith19 on

    Don’t you realize it will still be far less expensive than the illegal/black market price. Plus you get the added security of it being a legal product/industry.

    Anyway based on a few comments I have seen that you posted; you are horribly misinformed and really should learn a few things before posting anything else.

  9. youngr33zy15 on

    always know, that when the government does something,

  10. remedy800z on

    well its simple.. since alcohol is legaL its too drink and enjpy, not to get banged up. ppl jus go over tha line when they drinkin tho. weed should be made legal in my opinion buh also if they make it legal theyre basicaly shortening our life spans by letting us inhale smoke in our lungs. especially posisonous smoke. that at tha endll leave errybody wit holes on they neck. and tha government doesnt want to pay that. feel me?

  11. LordOfAllFevrsNPlags on

    i dont give a shit if they do tax it. they just gotta stop putting innocent people in jail over a fuckin plant that just makes you giggle and wanna eat junk food

  12. Grant Halverson on

    If nots above the influence of marijuana its above the influence of dumb stoner douchebags

  13. grimchain on

    Yeah well cigarettes are legal and they cause about the same amounts of problems as weed, with out giving as much pleasure.

    Only reason weed is illegle is because the government can not tax it, seeing as you can grow it at home

  14. fedtheend on

    the govt runs heroin out of afghanistan. they probably run coke and weed. the best thing to do is write the troops and tell them to fuck off.

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