47 – KLP Vids – Vid Jokes – I Am Tryin’ To Stop

Bin Laden Hoax & Suppressed News: Jim Marrs on Coast to Coast (7 of 8)
May 17, 2011
Bill Hicks Tells Marijuana Jokes
May 17, 2011

47 - KLP Vids - Vid Jokes - I Am Tryin' To StopI Am Tryin’ To Stop is about my long term habit of smoking since I was 18. Interestingly enough, unlike many other teenagers, I was a clean straight and idealistic vegetarian and even vegan from 14. However, I was also very much under the influence of the 60’s and 70’s ideals and listened to all their music and also heavy metal. Unfortunately, this led to a 10 year sjek, cigarette and marijuana habit when I moved to the Netherlands. Here, it is not illegal and is as easy to get as going to a 24/

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