14 People On Facebook Who Need To Shut Up

trees – Sun Jan 25 16:09:21 EST 2015
February 3, 2015
February 4, 2015

So pretty much everyone… Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! MUSIC Bad Boy Licensed via Warner Chappell Production …


  1. Kevin Melendez says:

    LOL I’m the last one, hate facebook, so annoying. 

  2. imingzee says:

    So people who make you think, people who make you jealous, the people who
    make you feel not good enough, the people who are fake and all the
    narcissists… ok, that pretty much covers EVERYONE on Facebook. Good one

  3. Peter Parker says:

    Who’s the “Workout Enthusiast” girl, what’s her name?! 

  4. Jennifer Borrett says:

    You forgot the religious fantaics: “God be praised with Glory. My car has
    passed its MOT by the blessing of God, he has shielded my automobile,
    PRAISE GOD!!!”


    “I an about to do an fb cull. if you are still here in an hour you
    survived” followed by streams of desperate fb replies about how people love
    them and are their best friend.

    And then the relentless:

    “Its so cold this morning”, “Off to buy a pint of milk.” “Where is my
    other shoe”, “Found my shoe”, “lost my car keys”, “found my car keys”,
    “setting out now to buy milk. Back soon”, “back home now, bought skimmed
    milk”, “making cup of tea”, “kettle whistling” etc etc etc 

  5. Imani de miranda says:

    You forgot the relegious ones

  6. PessOmist says:

    Welfare people are the most lazy and self-centered. They are never grateful
    for what they did nothing to get. People who just show up to work and do
    what they need to to get by are genuinely better people by proportion. 

  7. Troglodytarum says:

    Make a video about the different kinds of YouTube commenters. The extreme
    atheist, the religious freak, the spammer, the guy who copies and pastes
    top comment, the instigator, the hater, the daradude sandstormers, the
    first! commenters, the anti americans, the american nationalists, the
    grammar nazis, the extreme feminists, etc.

  8. 5kehhn says:

    Beautiful people! Unite!

  9. Max S says:

    How about quoting and religion texts and the shit of fake stories and
    people having to say amen? And the people who just keep complaining.

  10. Vishal Menon says:

    And what about those youtube channels that are extreme radical supporters
    of feminism and equality? SO ANNOYING. 

  11. Adriana Garza says:

    I can’t stand all the girls on FB who constantly talk about their pregnancy
    and their babies when it’s all for attention. You can tell who are genuine
    & who just use their babies for FB likes. 

  12. TheAnnoyingWombat says:

    What about YouTube commenters? The Atheist, The Bible Thumper, The
    Ignoramus, That One Who Calls People Gay Slurs, The Racist Idiot, The
    Spammers, The “I-Am-Trying-To-Stay-Calm-But-You-Are-Really-Pissing-Me-Off”,
    and the Essay Writer.

  13. - Lets Build With Sketchup - says:

    i had person on my friends list who constantly uploaded pics of their kids
    and wrote how much she loved them and posted them like this post to help so
    and so or to stop so and so like this post if you love you kids you know
    all that bollocks it became so ridiculous i just had to remove them 

  14. genovou says:

    you can’t let them shut up. we all have our rights as a human being to
    freedom of expression. the problem isn’t them it’s our reaction and how we
    deal with it. we all have individual difference and point of view.
    different opinion starts conflict but at least we should also respect
    others if you also want to be respected. freedom is doing only what is
    good. what is willed as good you can’t hate. just saying

  15. Ontray's Channel says:

    Do not forget about that guy on FarmVille 

  16. Chessqueen says:

    I hate those fuckwits who post about their ugly kids and have every single
    fucking status about their partners. 

  17. Josh says:

    Then there’s that one guy who makes a video on about the people he hates on
    facebook.. You suck!

  18. kaozbender says:

    Reminds me of the hippy hipster people who say things like “I didn’t know
    people still used Facebook”
    And it will probably happen on the comments of this video.

  19. Tower Oawesome says:

    Soooooooo basically everyone on FaceBook?

  20. BBis apeach says:

    This video contradicts itself like five times lol it’s also saying everyone
    on Facebook should shut up. Everyone.

  21. Miranda Escalante says:

    What about those annoying people who think they’re being all insightful,
    when really nobody knows what they’re talking about?

  22. Kegs O says:

    People still use Facebook ?

  23. gabrielle johnson says:


  24. Brooke Mason says:

    the people who hate on lil wayne and nicki minaj yet listen to the beatles
    and metal

  25. The underground society says:

    “Parents that are obsessed with their kids, and there are the more annoying
    people that complain about the parents that are obsessed with their kids”
    you fail buzzfeed.

  26. koopakiid16 says:

    you forgot people who think weed is life

  27. Cuddleslikespie :3 says:

    What about youtube?
    1. Trolls
    2. Haters
    3. People that complain until they pass out
    5. People that admit their crimes online (I saw a few of those people)
    7. People tht don now how to spelll
    Who else? I know I need to get off youtube… But who else?

  28. Maya Das says:

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    Sorry, I just dropped my bag of Doritos

  29. KrunchyKandy says:

    I used to have Facebook…until I took an arrow to the knee

  30. Queen Elsa of Arendelle says:

    You forgot them attention seeking girls and boys(mostly girls) and they
    post pics with a caption like ‘I know I am ugly’ and when somebody
    compliments them they are like ‘Nope’ and I’m all like ‘Yep you are ugly’
    and they reply with ‘How dare you’ and I will reply with ‘That is what
    happens to attention seekers’ Stupid Assholea

  31. Viper Clutch says:

    0:34 She really is hot :'( 

  32. Ti Co says:

    If you can’t show your cool shit off to yours friends who can you? If
    you’re bitter about it maybe we’re not actually friends…..

  33. GT says:

    I love how buzzfeed thinks all these things are wrong, but they try to
    shove feminism down our throats and that’s ok in their mind.

  34. Aldo Sanchez says:

    ….and what about the annoying couple that constantly uploads pictures of
    themselves and make all the lovey dovey statuses?! 

  35. kanadajin3 says:

    “parents who are obsessed with their kids” **oh hell yeah! thats me!
    raises hand** “people who complain about people who are obsessed with
    their kids” **puts down hand**

  36. Swagosaurus Derp says:

    I didnt jump onto the facebook boat because I just know seeing all these
    silly people (excluding real friends) would make me so annoyed… But to
    each their own ofc :)

  37. Balta Bueno says:


  38. DetectiveTective says:

    I need to reevaluate the reason why I have a Facebook to begin with…

  39. Sophia Nguyen says:

    And then there’s those random douche bag people who add you even though you
    guys don’t even fuking know each other

  40. Ally Tronks says:

    U forgot the person who posts pics of their dinner plate…

  41. ross brennan says:

    Im the last guy except I have my reasons

  42. Nilufar Yasmin says:

    So basically according to this video, no one should use facebook. 

  43. kanishq ruhil says:

    Sharing pics of children on death bed and 1 like can save the child life.
    That’s the worse thing

  44. Sophie Taylor says:

    What they forgot to add is that dumb ass who always posts about how they
    are going to delete their Facebook. Or the one who has a new girl friend
    every other month

  45. bates d1123 says:

    They should do this for YouTube comments

  46. Bobster930 says:

    What about the girls who post countless selfies almost on a daily basis to
    boost their egos? They tend to do my head in haha

  47. Juan Gonzalez says:

    I’m the third guy. #Ron_Paul 

  48. Liza says:

    OF TRIS?????

  49. Courtney Kurtenbach says:

    I find it incredibly ironic that this is a video talking about how annoying
    everyone is on Facebook, including the ones that hate everything and think
    they’re too good for it… But isn’t that exactly what you’re doing? The
    whole video you’re criticizing everyone… then go on to criticize the
    people who criticize??

  50. Immajeanyus says:

    “So pretty much everyone…” Yeahhh. Facebook should just not exist anymore.