May 8, 2014
Family Faces 40 Years For Growing Medical Pot
May 8, 2014

YES!all viewers must 18 and up for this video. adult setting, language and activities. Live BF4 with Nay on Cam!


  1. trendyasdabbers says:


  2. hashman seedsinc says:

    cheers man.

  3. hashman seedsinc says:

    i’d say the best way to do it is get some everclear 190 proof alcalhol and
    soak your buds and trim in it for over a day or two..then strain it out and
    filter it out using non bleached filters

  4. hashman seedsinc says:

    and the process on how to make it

  5. SaveAmericasLiberty says:

    I knew I would get help here thanks guys

  6. MrMarine347 says:

    you can find that oil in harborside in oakland

  7. SaveAmericasLiberty says:

    I have already seen the Rick Simpson video. I actually I’m tryin to contact

  8. hashman seedsinc says:

    and boil it offf for 20 to 30 min intill the liquid is more table and
    solid…then take the oil and you can put it in cookies brownies or just
    eat it raw

  9. NeverGOEasy says:

    fuck legit bro im from nz

  10. Graeme Roughton says:

    Hows your arm goin? When do you think you might get your plants in the

  11. Craig Kerr says:

    cleanup and shave and bathe

  12. Doomchaser1 says:

    good luck…

  13. hashman seedsinc says:

    sounded like it for a sec

  14. hashman seedsinc says:

    later on nay..v..

  15. hashman seedsinc says:

    shake the dude’s hand.

  16. hashman seedsinc says:

    its a good documentary on how he helps cure other people’s cancer using his
    hemp oil

  17. Doomchaser1 says:

    i need work, may something good happen to you all…peace pipe

  18. SaveAmericasLiberty says:

    He will be dead within a year if I don’t help him.

  19. hashman seedsinc says:

    right on man..i’d like to meet him in person on day.

  20. trendyasdabbers says:

    positive vibes thread!

  21. Christian Soto says:

    high and cheers from costa rica

  22. J Blaze says:

    nay u fucking rock bro

  23. tay420 says:


  24. hashman seedsinc says:

    run for the cure:the rick simpson story

  25. MrMarine347 says:

    hello trendys !!!

  26. Doomchaser1 says:

    you can boil it let it sit in refrigerator overnight…and use the butter
    for a cookie mix.

  27. NeverGOEasy says:

    oh shiit brah nah i just jumped in here

  28. hashman seedsinc says:

    blackbird from the beatles?

  29. trendyasdabbers says:


  30. hashman seedsinc says:

    awesome documentary man

  31. norcalibayarea408 says:

    whats up all ,cheers

  32. hashman seedsinc says:

    heating for another dab of some j2 wax..

  33. Graeme Roughton says:

    sweet, so keen to check out the hoop house. Might make one myself this year.

  34. MrMarine347 says:

    you can buy rick simpson oil here in california at harbor side in oakland
    ca , $60 a vile

  35. SaveAmericasLiberty says:

    It pisses me off I can’t make this legally when I know it will help him.

  36. Graeme Roughton says:

    Cheers blazin from Sydney..

  37. jcmnica says:

    wat’s up nay got your magar my friend

  38. Billie Ballantine says:

    @americas liberty, we just can’t man. gotta move or wait.

  39. hashman seedsinc says:

    have a groovy evening man

  40. SaveAmericasLiberty says:

    I’ve read a bunch of stuff over the last 2 weeks and it seems this isn’t no
    BS. I’m going to do it for him.So

  41. SaveAmericasLiberty says:

    What would be the best place or best why to make cannibis oil for my sick
    father ? I’m in a outlaw state

  42. Doomchaser1 says:

    Nice is it restricted there?

  43. NeverGOEasy says:

    Start smoking some of them cali buds.. this shit is boring…

  44. SaveAmericasLiberty says:

    I need to know how much to dose him ect.

  45. hashman seedsinc says:

    strain and seterate the buds and trim from the liquid into a crockpot or
    pressure cooker or boil off for 20 to 30 min..during this process you are
    going to want to do this outside..take the thc liquid

  46. MrMarine347 says:

    they have the high cbd oil aswell there aswell

  47. hashman seedsinc says:

    going to watch the video as soon as its finnished uploading

  48. hashman seedsinc says:

  49. hashman seedsinc says:

    check out the rick simpson story man on youtube

  50. hashman seedsinc says:

    there’s he link to the documentary