Will i get caught growing marijuana?

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September 24, 2010
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September 24, 2010
Marijuana Growing

I’m considering growing ONE Marijuana plant.
I get sick of not having money to buy the damn bud.
I hate dry days when I’ve already scraped my pipe.
I’m fiending for weed so bad..
I plan to grow it in my backyard.
there is also a huge field in front of my neighborhood.
That’s another alternative. I’m definitely not going to continue
to do this. This is experimenting on how much bud I’m going to get.
I still have not made my decision.



  1. Cmeyer says:

    Then stop smoking it all together and that will solve your problem.

  2. Pillar says:

    you’ll get caught
    unless you live in an abandoned valley or an exile

  3. Black Goldie Locks says:

    1. either you are an undercover cop asking a question like that are just a dumb mudafucker

  4. BagsofSand says:

    How are you going to get caught? If it isn’t a strain that grows very tall and is not in plain sight, you will probably be okay. Unless the DEA or cops in your area routinely sweep over with infrared on a helicopter, just keep it hidden. Or grow it inside. I did try that once but without success. I do not have a green thumb.

  5. Ryan_ec says:

    growing marijuana outside has its risks and benefits.

    its cheaper than inside
    harder to trace owner if discovered
    suspicious persons may report your activity to police
    climate may be difficult to grow in
    cannot insure sensimilia(female virgin) plant

    i would go for the field but usually you have to plant begining to mid summer.

  6. Gooch says:

    First of all do not tell anyone about it not even your best friend. Don’t go back til harvest and don’t leave trails.

  7. The Blackhearts says:

    Well let me just break this down for you newbie. I’m guessing, you don’t have your own place and I’m going to caution that whomever you’re living with “isn’t down” with you growing even a little marijuana. If you can’t go for even one day without smoking you probably need to check yourself. Plants aren’t a day to day thing, they’re more like week to week, and month to month, with anything that you might grow (even the ligitimate ones). Finally, if you’re planning to grow from seeds I’m guessing you’ll want females and the thing with that is, chances are you’ll get a male or a hermaphradite, which won’t do you any good. FYI, I think you’ll get caught because you posted this question.