why might a fitfy year old couple with teenage children secretely be growing marijuana?

Is it possible for medicinal marijuana to go “bad”?
September 11, 2010
question about growing marijuana?
September 11, 2010
Marijuana Growing
Shadow Puppet asked:

haaaa…. just wondering.
and, if it was only a little bit in a closet?


  1. Like for sure dude says:

    it’s a lot easier to just get a distributor license and grow all ya want.

  2. Zach F says:

    They might be planning on smoking it. Some people do that and I don’t think it should be illegal.

  3. SMOKE IT!! says:

    to buy x-mas presents.

  4. Rose says:

    For medicinal purposes of course. I hear it’s good for glaucoma and several things that might ail you.

  5. Jezibelle says:

    Because they are a fifty-year-old couple with teenage children…

  6. jaques says:

    same reason why over 40% of americans have tried it.

    thc is harmless, it literally cannot kill you, period. marijuana is more effective and cheaper to grow for pain that any OTC medication, something big pharma does not want people to know.

    if youre 50 though, you probably dont have that much joint pain, which means they smoke marijuana for recreational use, and why shouldnt they? why is it any weirder than an 80 year old smoking a cigarette?

  7. Taha* says:

    They have no life*