Whats Wrong in the Grow Tent

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November 27, 2014
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November 27, 2014

Welcome to Season 5! Let me know what you think the problem is our ladies are undergoing! Thanks for watching, if you enjoyed be sure to LIKE, FAVORITE, SHARE, and as always SUBSCRIBE! Help.


  1. BadBrainPrepp says:

    Low Light.

  2. xrbeattx says:

    Dude do you have a fan in there? They are like barely moving around, get
    them some air G420G!

  3. stableboy420 says:

    Plants talk to their “masters”. These plants are telling you to shave that
    insanely retarded thing growing on your face.

    Aside from that, they are over vegged and need a shave themselves, in their
    under regions (aka lolipopping)

  4. Grow Good says:

    Great video man, I would say that uneven canopy is the main issue. Your
    spacing between your plants is perfect imo. 

  5. therealcodysampson says:

    From my observations I can say that there are many things I’d do
    differently in that particular set up. But a good start would be to arrange
    the room better and to flush the plants out really good. I can’t make to
    much more of a single verdict it’s just this one video.

  6. Brian Ramos says:


  7. meze maccalman says:

    id say poor air flow and they need to be under cut..

  8. like2thc says:

    over veg.

  9. Jason Martin says:

    And they look stressed, possibly because of the thickness of the canopy, or
    not enough water.

  10. MAD LUNG says:

    over crowded

  11. Justin Vilkoski says:

    The bottom needs some plucking get rid of some of the fan leafs. That’s all
    I can see

  12. Robert C says:

    looks like the air circulation in the tent 

  13. johnny appleseed says:

    over vegged

  14. MrRunebeast says:

    No bamboo stakes for one, and I assume that’s your veg tent? So they are
    flowering to soon or you didn’t do the super cropping you were supposed to
    do so they got all uneven and over grown. 

  15. gaanja buds says:

    The canopies not growing at an even rate u need to rotate ur plants around

  16. TG SoRa says:

    All the plants in the corners are looking a little light deprived. Maybe
    just needs a rotation. or they could have some root issues. Thats my guess.
    Happy danksgiving G420g an all OG’s 

  17. jacob blinkhorn says:

    number 2 there might not be enough light I had that happen to me once
    because I never had strong enough lights

  18. Gregor Srdoc says:

    vegetative time too long.

  19. Daniel Dinges says:

    first off, there no air flow. 2nd looks like they need to be lolipoped

  20. Budz Igrow says:

    lollipop. thin em out. rearrange. looks like rush hour in there

  21. Mark Thompson says:

    Uneven canopy…over veged a little…and needs lolipoping…and some re
    arrangement 😉 they lookin happy tho ;-)

  22. elephant says:

    I am not sure what grow lights you are using but if they are LED then it
    appears that you are using too much blue spectrum for flowering and need a
    lot more red. Blue is good for veg and red is good for bloom.

  23. butcherbaylee says:

    Looks like over crowded canopy.
    What the name of the plant that have its leafs praying straight up? Ive
    never seen a plant pray so vertical before, it must be a supper happy

  24. joe reggy says:

    root bound and poor air movement 

  25. COFFEEandGRINDERS says:

    My guess is deficiency. Plants should not pray that steep unless their
    begging for something. Cal mag or nitrogen. 

  26. parker hayward says:

    Time to thin out

  27. vTheParadox says:

    You should scrog….

  28. STU420BOBO says:

    Possibly a little over vegged 

  29. Carlos Garcia says:

    Too much under growth imo.

  30. puffintheherble says:

    Only thing i can see and im being really picky because they look good to me
    haha little reddish/purpleish tint to the steams of the leaves

  31. GrowBIG710 says:

    Clean the underside aswell and get some support up before they start

  32. Farmer Brown says:

    You need a bigger tent bro lol

  33. LedFusionUK says:

    Pluck some leaves and let light get thru, Cal-Mag or similar additive to
    correct any underlying Calcium or Magnesium deficiency and a fan to get air
    moving through the plants. Looks a wee bit crowded to be honest although if
    they are all lollipopped correctly the canopy should even out. Hope it
    helps bro – Peace

  34. Jeremias Neubrandt says:

    the plants just woke up :D

  35. 831hogg says:

    Too crowded not enough light and not enough light penetration to the

  36. Derrick Bane says:

    Your not praying to Jesus that the plants grow good! He is only the guy /
    God that made them!

  37. ily T says:

    Not much to go by n why isn’t the humidity showing?

  38. hamutzy says:

    lollipoping and take some of the leaf off to give more light penetrate down
    by doing this it will give u more power n energy for the tops(we like big
    fat heavy tops..)
    bamboo support for the main branch’s they will be full of flowers soon..
    and some small fans from the sides to give some air flow..
    maybe adding the small rounded led light to give more spectrum…
    good luck to all
    hope im right ; – ) 

  39. relientker says:

    Corners aren’t getting enough light for one, two with it being so crowded
    it wouldn’t surprise me if there is poor air circulation. Also the middle
    guys might deficient in something. 

  40. FarmerTy 520 says:

    Lollipop supercrop

  41. geeno mombourquette says:

    Haha definitely could use a hair cut lol, Lolli popping for sure!!

  42. tim xxhawk says:

    airflow or maybe your humidity is spiking on your dark cycle hard to tell
    from a camera view 

  43. theCarpTamer says:

    Over veged or lower air flow

  44. Julian Mejia says:

    Not to sure but you can open the canopy give it an open center look more
    light penetration and air flow helps with humidity leaves look a little sad
    maybe some water also didn’t see to much leaves moving but I did hear a fan
    fresh air is key 

  45. Jimmy Buzy says:

    the middle ones look a bit stretchy, from low light, also loooks too dense,
    like you need to pluck some leaves

  46. robert sohm says:

    canopy uneven,but most of all you need to lollipop……

  47. Adam M. says:

    looks really crowded, are they all getting light?

  48. TheSkilledKids says:


  49. Ricky Lee says:

    Outer plants need swapping with the inner.

    The inner being taller and having the majority of the light.