What would you do if you found a marijuana grow room?

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Marijuana Growing
Miami Surfer asked:

I am a pool cleaner, i go around and clean pools. Well i was at this house today, and the guy has a storage looking thing out by his pool but kind of in the tree’s…Well he left while i was cleaning the pool and I decided to look inside of storage shed, and I saw 9 marijuana plants growing under a huge light, with hoses and such going into the soil..

What should i do? ?

I will not call the police because the guy is very friendly,tips well, and is not a criminal..i mean there only marijuana…

15 comments on “What would you do if you found a marijuana grow room?

  1. she's my queen on

    He’s probably a medical grower.. Ask him if he needs help with trimming, this is an opportunity to make new friends.

  2. solitus3989 on

    If you don’t want to call the police, i would suggest just letting the plants be. I mean, you were not supposed to be look inside in the first place, so i would just let him to his business, clean his pool, and get tipped well. 🙂

  3. FISH STICK! on

    I would say, “OMG I have my medical card too!”
    I have grown ganj before. I have been a legal patient for almost 2 years. I also have dated a few guys who had fields with irrigation systems growing and having it also growing in their closet with indoor UV lights. But shh…. lol. Thank god they are exes.
    It’s great to have found a medication that works and that has never killed anyone before.

  4. E-ma on

    The “don’t call the cops” advice is all fine & good until the lawn guy steals a plant & then you’re at the bottom of the pool with weights tied to your feet.
    Dealer’s are always “nice” until something goes missing.
    And unlike the cops, they are not waiting for your attorney to arrive for B4 questioning.
    Nor, do they have to release you for insufficient evidence.

  5. funkykomadina on

    Ask if you can help him trim them and score some bud to smoke. C’mon man, aren’t you a surfer?

  6. ctownballas6 on

    yo just tell him that you needed a part of something to clean the pool with and you thought he might have it in the shed so you looked in it. then see what he says back to that, like if he mentions the weed at all and then just take it from there, if he mentions it then maybe try to strike up a conversation about it, but if he doesn’t mention it, then just dont say anything and move along like nothing ever happened.

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