What would be better to get a job at McDonalds to support your family, or growing Marijuana and making?

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September 22, 2010
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September 22, 2010
Marijuana Growing
King Samir Shabazz asked:

at least twice as much money per year as you would working 2 crappy jobs?


  1. jack99skellington says:

    Job at McDonalds, of course. At least there you have the possibility of advancement – do good, learn the business, become an assistant manager, then a manager, then get a loan to start your own restaraunt.

    The other way ends up with you arrested and in prison, with no way to support your family. Or worse, killed by some druggie.

  2. Hairee says:

    A drug conviction will stay with you forever.

  3. Kevin says:

    I worked in McDonalds. It’s very tough work.

    But, I would never do something illegal for money so… I’d go back if my family needed.

  4. creativestarwish says:

    why do those two have to be the only career “options”?

  5. Harry Ball says:

    The MJ would be better, until you got caught that is. Then your family is phukked. And you will get caught.

  6. dstr says:

    What about when when daddy is carted off to jail and mommy has to move to the ghetto and apply for welfare?

  7. magick says:

    As the song says , plant that pill and let it rain….

  8. Kat says:

    I dont make much money either, so the marijuana sounds good, but what happens 2 your family when you go 2 jail, and then theres no money? I think thats worse.

  9. Blue Haired Old Lady says:

    McDonalds – legal.
    Growing Marijuana – illegal.

    It is that simple.

  10. Jo says:

    If you haven’t been into dealing already. I would suggest sticking to Mickey D’s.
    It’s not like you can get yourself a vendor cart and park in on a corner.
    The users aren’t going to just flock to you-they won’t trust you and you can’t really be out there hawking your wares.
    How would you build up your client base?

  11. True Patriot™ says:

    I would say you are far better growing Marijuana. In California there are many people who have made a very good living growing marijuana their entire lives, and they never got arrested.

    I am growing Marijuana in California, and it is completely legal. I can make twice as much growing medicinal marijuana legally as I would be able to working some crappy job.

  12. Scott says:

    If money is all that is important, why work at all? Certainly a clever person could live a life of crime and make all the money he needs.

    No way I would I spend all my days working if I weren’t bound by ethics and morality.
    It’s better for your kids that you don’t wind up in jail.

  13. The fed up matthew™ says:

    The free market should decide that unfortunately since paper, plastic, law enforcement, and liquor lobbyists all want marijuana illegal it creates a black market that is too enticing for violent individuals who would kill you for a few ounces of marijuana. So at this time McDonalds is the smarter choice.

  14. m i c says:

    Well the second option would entail a tremendous risk wouldn’t it? If you live in a state where medical marijuana laws have been enacted, you could become a licensed grower, although you still would risk the DEA shutting you down if you became anything more than a little mom-and-pop enterprise. If it were legal, this might be a different story, as you could probably apply for various farm subsidies and such as most farmers of legal crops do.

  15. Elena says:

    That depends. If growing Marijuana would be legal then that would be the most profitable business. After all how is Marijuana any better than what the pharmaceutical companies are producing with all their benzos and codones (i.e. anti-depressants and high level pain killers for those who cannot understand the pharmaceutical lingo).

    But until it is legal, McDonalds would be the better option.

  16. Savage says:

    McDonalds – when you get arrested and locked up for growing/distributing an illegal substance, you won’t be able to support your family at all.