What went wrong with the first step of growing marijuana?

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September 22, 2010
Marijuana Bust in Mathews County
September 22, 2010
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Jonathan asked:

I had two seeds. One black and one white. I put them in wamr water and covered them up like I was supposed to. After 14 hours the black one had already sank but I was supposed to leave them for at least 24 hours so I assumed by then the white one would sink. Well it’s been 25 hours and the white one is still floating. What should I do? Thanks.
I live in Europe. I’m allowed to grow it here.


  1. Short and Sassy says:

    your an idiot!!!

  2. Brianna says:

    dude..dont post this on the web 😛

  3. heyyyyyouuu says:

    That you decided to grow it–and post it online haha.

  4. zk38123 says:

    you need to put some food coloring in there, preferably red or the closest you can get to red, orange or purple will be ok if that’s all you have.

  5. reynwater says:

    The “white” seed was too immature to be viable. You want dark mottled seeds.

  6. likeit1 says:

    Ask someone in Europe dude…The FBI will bust your Ass if you visit here.

  7. ♣♥Dar♥♣ says:

    Dude…You wastin the seeds!
    You can just put it in the soil and it may grow.
    Or put it on a wet paper towel and cover with a bowl , when there is this white thingy coming out plant em.
    Be sure to seperate the female and male plants!

    Msg me i can help you with growing :

  8. Zømb!e says:

    The one that did not sink was most likely not viable. To test them pinch the seed between the meaty part of your thumb and index finger. If it does crack germinate them(towel method works best in my opinion).

  9. CS says:

    White seeds are immature and most likely won’t germinate. Soaking the seeds for 24 hours helps soften the shell so they germinate more easily. Floating or sinking doesn’t always mean anything. Once they have soaked for 24 hours, place them in your growing medium in a warm dark place. Alternatively, many people place the seeds between layers of wet paper towels. Roots will start to grow, at which time the seeds kept between paper towels must be transferred to your growing medium. Root growth is followed by a sprout above your growing medium. This process takes anywhere from a couple days to about 10 days. Once a sprout is visible, the plant needs light in order to grow. Once the first real leaves appear, a very mild nutrient can be given.