What should I do if my neighbor’s growing marijuana?

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September 1, 2010
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jonathanbubbaclinton asked:

I walked in the woods above my neighbor’s house and saw a field full of it. I left immediately. Should I contact the police? I think he’s a gun nut? What if he finds out it was me who called the police?


  1. liberal italienne™ v1.02 says:

    Personally, I’d leave it alone. You could contact the police.

  2. FamousSAS says:

    If he didn’t see you contact the police and remain anonymous

  3. ★Greed★ says:

    Stay well away from the area and say nothing — in a few weeks use a pay phone to tip off police.

  4. spiritual137 says:

    All you can do is report a field. You don’t actually know it’s your neighbor.

    Personally, I keep to my own as long as people don’t bother me, I won’t bother them.

  5. Michigan_Man says:

    If you have significant reason to believe someone is breaking the law, you have a duty as a citizen to report it to the police. If you are concerned about him finding out, you should at least inform them anonymously from a pay phone. It really is your responsibility as a citizen.

  6. Rudy M says:

    DO NOT. If this person is not attacking you do not attack him/her… especially if he’s a “gun nut”. Chances are he/her knows people a lot crazier than himself/herself so don’t do anything stupid

  7. doglover says:

    Be smart. Don’t do a thing. Merely forget all about it and go on with your life. Let us say that you called it in. What would you get, a medal? I can guarantee this. You would get a lot of anxiety and sleepless nights. Life is tough enough without this sort of stuff. Stay cool and forget the woods with Marijuana.
    (answered by Dog Lover’s husband)

  8. meagen o says:

    I believe u should NOT call the police marijauna is wonderfull! Become his friend so hell smoke u up 4 free…o yea…u will ruin tha persons whole life bcuz da police would rather lock up a drug dealer then get killers n rapists off da street

  9. nuclearslug says:

    I’d call it in. The sheer fact you’re near a pot field subjects you to potential violence. Call it in and it won’t hurt to be anonymous about it.

  10. jordan.m says:

    I’d say leave it alone. Is the grower hurting anyone? No. Honestly, the police have better things to be doing…

    I am ashamed of all these people telling you to call the cops.

  11. willy_the_squid says:

    see if you can get a dime

  12. rchot2 says:

    It depends on what kind of person you are. If you are like me a live and let live type of guy you wouldn’t do a thing. If you feel that your neighbor is a threat to your safety then you would alert the authorities. It truthfully might not even be his. Personally I think that it would be stupid of him to grow outside if he is in that close proximity to his neighbors. Thats why I am thinking it is not his