what is the penalty for growing marijuana?

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Marijuana Growing
hepmatt asked:

what happens if the cops catch you growing your own?

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  1. trigunmarksman on

    You will probably face some stiffer penalties when you have more than 400 grams of the stuff. I am thinking jail time for sure.

  2. kathy r on

    do u have any priors? or bad , record??may be, a fine, and probation, ,, ot or if its alot of weed used for sales, u could do a little time.

  3. trblueyess on

    Depends where you are and how much you grew or grow. One or two plants can be explained as personal use alot of plants they charge you with manufacturing, intent to sell etc etc. Could be a misdemeanor or felony that’s in the US other countries? Life and limb…

  4. Pixie Playmate on

    It depends what state you are in? And depending on the state regaurdless each judge has guidlines to follow but the following are factors that will be concidered:
    Is it your first offense?
    Do you have any record up to date?
    Whether you plead guilty, innocent, or no contest.
    your overall court appearance and demeanor.
    and last but not least whether we admit it or not judges are human so just hope he or she is having a good day.

  5. true_blue_canadian_copper on

    If the cops catch you growing your own, you may be arrested and charged with cultivation of marijuana.

    The penalty will be up to a judge and will depend on the number of plants.

    Here in Canada the current maximum sentence is 7 years in jail.

  6. utilitysk8r on

    they will take all your pot, roll it into one joint, and force you to inhale the whole thing in one pull. and if you don’t, well then you are at the mercy of the county and state you live in.

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