What is the mandatory minimum sentence for growing marijuana?

How long does it take for second hand marijuana smoke to clear ones system for drug testing. No joke, I was +?
September 19, 2010
600 lb Marijuana bust (KREX CBS)
September 19, 2010
Marijuana Growing
CMDS asked:

My friend had anywhere between 2-6 plants (I am not sure, just found out he was arrested) and had one prior of possession of marijuana and one prior of check fraud.

He has a drug problem, but I love him and I believe God is trying to save him. Just in case anyone has comments on that. Anyway, we live in Pennsylvania if anyone can give me some more specific figures. Thanks for your help.


  1. ducky says:

    that depends on :
    – how much your growing.
    – what state you live in.

  2. individualist2002 says:

    Depends on your state. In CA, the low term is 16 months.

    Depending on how much you were growing or if you had priors, probation or diversion would be available.

  3. coragryph says:

    It depends on whether he is being prosecuted under state or federal laws.

    Each state that makes drug possession criminal may set its own sentence limits — including mandatory minimum.

    If the prosecution is federal, then the mandatory minimum would be determined by a formula that includes prior crimes, total weight, and other situational factors.

  4. chrispkreme333 says:

    who cares..he is a druggie..deserves alot of time