What if you live in a house with someone who is growing marijuana?

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September 9, 2010
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September 9, 2010
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Lapi1 asked:

What are the reprocussions if any? If the house is “busted” are you liable for anything, are you liable if you say you had no idea this was going on.


  1. MC says:

    You could get in a lot of trouble.

  2. sanja b says:

    Just tell them you thought it was a really nice plant that goes great with the rest of the flowers in the garden.

  3. Grandma Susie says:

    you could lose your belongings, and possibly be charged too. Kind of dumb to take the risk. One of you needs to move.

  4. Alobar says:

    SURE, YOU might get into a little legal mess–conspiracy to traffic or some such thing–but think of all the free dope!!!

  5. eeaglenest says:

    MOVE – you could be in serious trouble and the plants are not even yours.

  6. no1special says:

    You would be held as an accomplice unless somehow you had a really really good lawyer because they would argue that you DID know about it and should have reported it to the authorities

  7. kjburke84 says:

    stop being so paranoid and make friends with the plant

  8. Layla says:

    I think because you know that it’s illegal and you still lived there you are liable to get into a lot of trouble and you’d have to come up with a great excuse as to not knowing what was going on in your home…

  9. Urbal says:

    It depends on the state and how strict they are regarding marijuana. As with any federal drug crime, they can confiscate all property after a raid, so if it’s YOUR house you could possibly lose your house. If it’s not your house, again, it comes down to where you live and what he marijuana is/was being used for (if it’s for personal, medicinal use, or if it’s being harvested and sold). Check out the NORML (National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws) website, they have state-by-state information regarding the laws specific to where you live.

  10. sixstringschwing@sbcglobal.net says:

    Get the jump on everybody – turn them in – pot is illegal.

  11. MSJP says:

    Yes, you can get in trouble too. The law will not believe that you lived in the same house and had no idea that it was being grown in the house.

    They would probably fall down laughing if you gave them that old excuse. They will say “Good One”…then slap the cuffs on you too.

    As far as penalties, it depends on what State you live in and how much marijuana is actually in the house.

    Your choices are: Turn them in, Move out or just buy some Bamboo paper and enjoy!

  12. PlayTOE- says:

    if you live there with the plants

    then you are growing them

    you are just as liable as any one else living there unless you turn them in to the cops.

  13. moose_lover_forever says:

    cash in for a reward, and move out quick. You will be charged for acessory to the crime, due to you knew it was there and did nothing to stop it.

  14. capster says:

    First of all if your name is on the lease or you own the house you will get a cultivation charge. Second if you don’t own the house you will still get charged cultivation and aiding cultivation and whatever charge they want to throw in there. If you are not lic to grow maj then get rid of the plants. Its against the law. So don’t cry poor me when they kick in your door.