What happens if you put straight up bleach in a marijuana plant that you are growing?

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September 30, 2010
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September 30, 2010
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Jacob S asked:

I just read that it works wonders someone wanna help me out?


  1. lala l says:

    idk.. but it doesnt sound smart

  2. Dr. Phil's Bodyguard says:

    You’ll get a gay plant!

  3. DEMO says:

    i would say that the plant would die because bleach is very toxic to plants.

  4. Kevin S says:

    it will kill the plant

  5. Yamabe says:

    It will DIE! Bleach in any plant will kill it… Thats what bleach does. If you want to work wonders add coffee grounds to the soil (mixed in). Coffee in plants breaks down over time and is organic. You have to use USED coffee grounds not fresh! It will add much needed nitrogen to the plants. It works with all plant types

  6. david g says:

    Youll Kill it

  7. hkeel5050@verizon.net says:

    Good way to kill it.

  8. Chick Magnet says:

    drugs are bad mmmmmmmm k…

  9. Tom W says:

    The toxins in the bleach will kill the plant and then you cant get high

  10. Matt says:

    Lol, Most likely it will die or change Colour.

  11. urrocker4christ says:

    I dont grow marijuana, but i do grow flowers, and bleach will kill it quite quickly! Bleach is very basic and it will mess with the soil’s pH and probably kill the plant…

  12. curtisio says:

    y do u have matijuana anyway
    naughty person that i do not know

  13. Cody says:

    bleach kills almost any living thing. so your plant and you could, no will die

    google bleach and you ll see.

  14. dave_rave@rocketmail.com says:

    Don’t listen to these people they obviously don’t know anything.
    It’s gonna make it a lot stronger.
    Add a small amount of bleach every day, about a lid full, as close to the stem as you can & it’ll take care of your supply.

  15. PimpBerries' Ghost says:

    se muero mi pinche mota. :/

  16. Lucifersreason says:

    You’ll find yourself on the 1000 ways to die series, lol I love that show. Besides that the popo police the internet so don’t be surprised if the come knocking at your door Einstein when they track your isp address. whats that I hear……Knock ..knock? Look forward to seing you on 1000 ways to die or cops either way, I’ll take it.

  17. daveirw23 says:

    really bleach?are you retarded?think about it do you wanna smoke bleach or eat it?dont be stupid and you didnt read that anywhere except dream land re re.

  18. pearlene29 says:

    It will straight up die, dude. That’s what will happen. They like a certain amount of stress, but that ain’t it. Stick with a proper fertilizer.

  19. cfact says:

    It will die very fast and you wont have any weed to smoke.