Week 9 VEG Update! Crop King Seeds

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March 27, 2015
LIVE! TAD TALKS! Xarelto, Natural Gas, BIGPOISON = DEATH; Gay Law.
March 27, 2015

Welcome to Season 5 CONT! ☆ In today’s video we get caught up with an update! ✔ SUBSCRIBE ✔ LIKE ✔ COMMENT ✔ FAVORITE ✔ SHARE ✔ Contact email: ogs.grow420guide@yahoo.com …


  1. Angie LupusLife says:

    looking awesome

  2. Benis BeNastea says:

    Hey G420G, if you get a male you should cross it with your Zeus OG. Maybe
    you could add some weight to the strain.

  3. Siral OG says:

    I’m about to harvest my White Cookies, it’s a very very leafy plant,
    trimming fan leaves is a must.

  4. Cornish Womble says:

    Once the mainline plant and the split one start packing on serious weight
    you may get more damage. When mine split I put a twist tie around the stem
    just under the split which prevents it going further. The mainline might
    benefit from a ‘Y’ shape support under each branch for support. 

  5. Brannon Hergruder says:

    The colors on that white cookies in the back are crazy!

  6. Raul G says:

    Finally new video thanksssss!!!

  7. Canna Chris says:

    That haze extreme is happy

  8. tru bushdr says:

    As always…looking good!!

  9. Daniel Leyva says:

    Nice I was wondering about those auto flower seeds from crop King so I’ll
    stay tuned OG! 

  10. PhantomQueenOne says:

    Glad you are felling better :)

  11. raul estrada says:

    yo is it preferred to even out your cannabis plant before flowering or in
    early flowering?

  12. Canna Chris says:

    May I ask what medium and nutes u r currently using

  13. IronFist Games says:

    What’s the purpose of this technique? looks like a great method to totally
    defeat the purpose of growing a plant lol

  14. Poca420 says:

    The white cookie looks very beautiful now after the trim

  15. Growers Corner says:

    Dude I’m having a huge issue in my garden have you ever had gnats? I think
    I fixed it but my girls leaves are yellowing on the lower growth. Am I too
    late to save her!!

  16. spe6ks says:

    Sore throats are the worst

  17. maximus the cannabist says:

    Glad your doing better og and the ladies are looking good I like the
    structure of the 2nd haze extreme better looking forward to seeing them
    flower take care dude.

  18. Mrgreenthumb says:

    Hell yea stoked on that auto grow! Thats all i grow good luck !

  19. smparsons769 says:

    Yo G420G it’s been a long time homie. I still want that movie. Lol hit me
    up I got some girls for you to check out. ✌Peace out

  20. Jamal George says:

    hey bro I’m having a hard time germinating some cracking seeds I did the
    water method and the paper towel and I got it on a regular heating mat
    please help me out


    the one in the back looks alot more haze dominant 

  22. Justin Brookes says: