Wake&Bake with Wax/Shatter

Week 6 Vanilla Kush Cannabis under T5 lights
March 10, 2015
update into krome kloset
March 10, 2015

18+ older. -All Smoking Done Legally. Hey guys I’m on snapchat ! @ JesseNweed, instagram-@Jesse_LoudStrain. I love ya’ll ! stay blazin ;D Songs used- 1. Kevin Gates-Coco. 2. Gates- Out The Mud.


  1. That High Guy says:
  2. WeedSmoker13 says:

    First comment /.\ …. 

  3. Jayke A.K.A Nigger Chocolate says:

    Bruhh, When was the last time you greened out?? Or have you?

  4. Jamie Cooper says:

    How much money do you spend on weed a week? or month?