Veg Update & Summer Plans

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May 15, 2014
大麻で難病を治す「医療大麻」最前線 – Medicinal Marijuana in Japan
May 15, 2014

Veg Update & Summer PlansWelcome to Season 3! New Products, New Strains & More! OverGrowSociety merchandise available NOW!!! LED lights & Grow Tent: Coupon code: G420G…


  1. TARANCHA^420^LOCCS says:

    Best visual guide on the net…always learnin something new!

  2. adam righi says:

    always enjoy your vids 😉

    Now I can lean back and learn something new!

  3. Big Edd says:

    ware can i get a pair of those lenns ?

  4. GreenLife says:

    Look at my channel, I’m growing atomic Nothern lights, and Jesus of. Tell
    me what you think?

  5. Colorado finest says:

    Nice video.

  6. PANCHO CARTEL says:

    Does miracle-Grow works on marijuana plants?

  7. JahBliss420 says:

    First :)

  8. Joey Fortes says:

    Nice Shit …Love You Videos Very Useful Information you Give Out…Thnx
    Joey122885 Checj out My Vids An comment an Subscribe!!!

  9. Shealyn Nastally says:

    Thanks for the new video, it’s always nice to hear from you. Can you do a
    Medicating Monday soon about your Cannabis Cup experience? Maybe get your
    dad to say hi? :)

  10. Bryan TheDope says:

    Grow420Guide can u answer this question for me im growing indoors with cfl
    and they been vegging for about a mounth and i topped then bout a week ago
    and there 3 nodes high should and the whole plant is about a foot tall
    should i top then once more or put them into flower

  11. JahBliss420 says:

    First :)

  12. iGrow415 says:

    Yo g420g, Im glad u got that g8 endorsement, it gave me the motivation I
    needed, watching season 3, to actually go and buy my own… I’m using the
    240 bloom + 90w booster UFO. Tossed in your g420g code for an extra 5% off
    which is helpful! So far I have one side of the closet on 400w of hps vs
    the other side with the 2 LEDs.. and I’m actually shocked that the led side
    is kicking the hps’ ass! Denser floral clusters, heavier trich production,
    of course less heat.. I’m saving up for a 450 now man, you help all kinds
    of people man, from novice growers to people like me who are cautious to
    try new things… Keep doing what your doing and always have fun with it
    broth a, I been here since season 1, and will be here til u stop posting
    videos!! Cheers brotha, 1 luv from sf bay area cuddie

  13. rosie rose says:

    i stated my first outdoor grow last wednesday 🙂 2 clones of green queen
    and canna quin (somebody let me know if you have any info on that strain).
    the canna quin has some spotting on the leaves, which tells me it is
    getting too much nitrogen? should i flush the soil?? your plants are
    looking beautiful 

  14. Hutch Johnson says:

    Oh yea definitely worth the 11+ minutes bro, I always get a little more
    knowledge to run with after each video u post! Keep growing brother. ……

  15. GreenLife says:

    I’m also growing outside and would like to ask a question about that 

  16. GreenLife says:

    I live in Cali
    Can you text me so I can ask more questions about growing with out having
    to on youtube? 

  17. brianbosox says:

    Hey whats up Bro, Great Videos. I have learned so much while being
    entertained as well. Keep up the good work. Quick question. I just built my
    veg and flower room, getting ready to start. I have nice but very old seeds
    ( like 8 years old) and cannot get them to germinate with the paper towel
    method. Is itc ause the age of the seeds or and i doing something wrong?
    Just practicing germination before i order feminized seeds. Thanks for your
    help or any other feloow growers. Be Easy. East Coast Grow here..(:

  18. iGrow415 says:

    Hey Bryan the dope.. if you flower now you will most likely get 2 main tops
    along with 2 sub-main tops which will produce a little less flower than the
    main tops. If I were you I would top the 2 main tops.. which will double up
    on mains and allow the sub mains to hit the top and become main kolas.
    Unless I’m pheno hunting a new strain I like to top at least twice, usually
    3 times (once, wait a week to recover, top the next new shoots that have
    grown, wait a week and do it again). With this stratagey along with
    lollypopping and a little love you can pull Oz’s easily. PS. It also
    depends on the size of pots you are using. I recommend 3 gals or 5 gal
    smart pots for best results in a small space.. 3 gals for the stretchy
    girls n 5 for the bushy ladies. Hope this helps brotha, I figure I’d answer
    ya question since g420g is swamped with work/ movie production and an
    insane amount of inter web questions 🙂 take it ez man

  19. GreenLife says:

    I love your videos man keep growing! I have some questions about my grow
    and would really appreciate the help. Thank you 

  20. tazydevil93 says:

    Awsum man.. I feel ill be always unsure of leds yeild wise.. Every summer I
    swear I spend everyday searchin about them but am always not convinced with
    what I see and read.. Like I dont no if its better to Invest in led for
    summer or to just tough it through the 30c+ temps with hps.. Winters here
    are 0c and summers are 30c with humidity around 70 80 all year round its
    constantly stressful lol

  21. King Dee says:

    S/o to a REAL OG! #GROW420GUIDE KEEP IT UP BRO!. Tell the ladies hello, and
    to stay strong and keep pushing! (Growing)

  22. GreenLife says:

    Can I smoke a bowl with you on Skype or FaceTime

  23. Patrick Baska says:

    Looks good to me for flower say right now.. I wanted to say I’ve been
    veging with a 270 watt 7 band light from htg on a couple of Think Different
    plants and they were doing great but as soon as I added just one big cfl
    bulb I picked up online the plants changed dramatically and really took
    off. I’m glad I added that bulb just for testing purposes because it made
    all the difference in the world. might want to give that a try since heat
    is an issue for you. love the vids and have learned a lot!

  24. 157Ricard says:

    Epic grow my brotha ! Can’t wait to see how they turn out