Vape On The Lake MMAR Coalition against Repeal Fundraiser (September 2014)

They’re Putting a Fortress Around Cannabis: John Berfelo @ Prarie Medicinal Harvest Cup
November 7, 2014
Oregon, Washington D.C. approve marijuana use
November 7, 2014

Jason Wilcox and Chad Jackett at Vape on the Lake answering questions about the MMAR Coalition against Repeal (and the Federal Injunction Hearing (appeal and cross appeal on November 24th,…


  1. Ras Tafari says:

    Good shit man I love to this, especially with all the negative crap we hear
    on the news. Keep up the good fight, I loom forward to the day my
    “prescription” no longer says ‘Marihuana is not an approved substance”

  2. Cannabis In Canada says:
  3. Cannabis In Canada says: