VaderVision – How to plant Cannabis Seeds


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VaderVision - How to plant Cannabis SeedsThis Episode is all about planting Cannabis seeds and obtaining high germination rates with simple techniques. 24 hours soaked in RO/Distilled water. 24 Hour…

24 comments on “VaderVision – How to plant Cannabis Seeds

  1. DerpDerpity420 on

    Smooth Jazz Cafe’ first CD? Great song. LOVE’s us some +VaderOG! Thanks for
    the video and the advice. Peace


    OCEAN GROWN GENETICS!!!!!!!!!!!!! whats good vader glad to see you back
    Check my channel out ill have great stuff comin soon…..

  3. DerpDerpity420 on

    Vader, will you show how to use the bottles with the built in measuring
    chamber please. I can’t figure it out at all. Thanks. Peace


    hes starting the seeds with light nutes because the coco has little to no
    nutes in it…if u are sprouting in happy frog dont add nutes until your
    first few sets of leaves come out

  5. prndownload on

    About time I see someone doing seedlings correctly. Although I skip the
    paper towel part it’s good to see them started in glasses and given
    nutrients when planted. What is it with people claiming no nutrients until
    the 3rd set of leaves?

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