VaderVision – Bonified Breeding Bonanza Week Seven

Coalition Connection Trail visits Green Cross Society of BC
March 29, 2014
This Week in Weed – Funny Weekly Update
March 29, 2014

VaderVision - Bonified Breeding Bonanza Week SevenTHC TUESDAY! A look at Week 7 of our Breeding Experiment. Today we go over what Nutrient line we ran for this indoor Marijuana Breeding Garden and we also do…


  1. nugzfordayz420 says:

    lookin great man I always heard bad things about canna nutes but I wont
    ever make an opinion till I see for myself so maybe ill try some canna
    stuff next time I switch up.Seems like they give you pretty good results
    them things are stacked!Keep it goin bro!

  2. GreenMountainGrow says:

    beans bustin out! I can’t wait to have genetics WORTH crossing &

  3. rico garion says:

    So much pleasure watching these videos, thank you!

  4. Farm4Freedom says:

    excellent, just fanfuckingtastic! Love your updates Vader and would love
    the chance to get on your strains 🙂 Keep up the great work, Cheers!

  5. Red Lion says:

    Is canna a good nutrient line?

  6. warriorcloud9 says:

    and oh cannabis infused beer brewing and kief tortilla chips recipe!

  7. josh lemester says:

    You are the shit. Found you from watching medicroper

  8. midwestmeds says:

    a vader how do I keep that dank smell and get that taste best looking taste
    not bad but not kushy get at me thanks bro

  9. Tree Mason says:

    Like a boss!!!!!!

  10. VaderOG says:

    If you have any questions fire away, I’ll be uploading another AMA in a
    couple of days!_!

  11. CannaHeaven says:

    Interesting how that PK13/14 is actually pk10/11 but they still labelled it
    pk13/14. Plants are looking nice btw

  12. crumbsjaden says:

    Ive got the exact nutrient setup (omit canna coco for canna classic) exept
    in clay balls, and the last few cycles i havnt touched the ph of the
    reservoir, it would have been about 7.5 – 8 roughly.(plants seemed fine,
    little bit of leaf claw action) this next one im adjusting the ph to 6.2
    like the bottle said, to see what happens. do you adjust the ph at all?
    oh, and epsom salts at all?

  13. TheLoneWolf247 . says:

    Coco coir good for beginners? debateable mate :), PH has to be good but not
    as accurate as hydro, but PPM is a must to get the best from growing in
    coir which means a lot of faffing around with the nute mix depending on
    what type of water you are using and then the salt build up, to flush or
    not to flush LOL, SOIL is for beginners, bag of bio bizz soil, bio
    grow/bloom nutes and your done! :).

    I have been using canna line in coco coir for almost 10 years and admit
    they are the best, I started in soil and then moved UP to coco coir, its
    frigging awesome(once you know how and have the relative meters)
    Vader is one of thee best out there.

  14. MrPercythrower says:

    Mellow vid I used Canna coco ,rhizo,boost for years very easy to use but I
    got caught up in the marketing ploys and now I havnt a clue what I’m doing
    now .peace

  15. qwer ty says:

    what do you do with the waste water from your RO unit?

  16. indicalovesativa says:

    I know your big on the hydro scene.. flood and drain and such.. But i also
    know your have extensive knowledge in organics..for your next little show
    is there anyway you could do a little organic super charged soil or coco
    set up.. and focusing mainly on the microbial populations and additives
    rather then focusing on the “food”. I think this would be a tremendously
    easy method for beginners to grow the best of the best. I know you had
    asked me to do videos.. but i only have this iphone 4s… and no body knows
    me bud.. dont get me wrong i would LOVE to and i will… but people respect
    you.. look up to you for information and tips.. Im just about spreading
    knowledge to the people who need it most. you could go the “product route”
    like “super soil from TGA.. or super coco (that i use outta georgia)”
    combined with microbial products “ogtea, great white, orca” and additives
    “sugars, enzymes, humic/fulvic acid products, vitamin b, nitrzoyme(amino
    acids n such)) ” That way they can read directions and follow your
    instructions.. or theres the super organic way through means of
    permaculture and AACT’s which i know you know so i dont have to give you
    the run down. But.. its just a thought.. Cant wait for your gear bro.. I
    wanted alien abuduction and devil/angel tear but it was always sold out..
    now im just waiting on the new gear..

  17. Mystjah says:

    nice tips

  18. josh pupi says:

    I love the way you say Rhizotonic…I noticed on previous videos you added
    Mykos to your coco. Do you ever add Azos or does the canna line have the N
    in a form that does not need to be fixed by bacteria? Also I’m starting to
    use the Canna Aqua. I have a DWC setup with 5 gallon buckets and
    claypebbles. Im thinking of switching to coco instead of clay pellets.
    Also, is the Canna Coco just as suitibale as the Canna Aqua? And do you
    recommend following the ‘Normal’ or ‘Heavy’ feeding schedule that the Canna
    website calculates for you?

  19. NIKK420 says:

    Great video

  20. SirSly420 says:

    Looking really great bro . 

  21. SF10DANK says:

    Two thumbs up again and again!!!

  22. venkman420 says:

    What’s your opinion on those flushing solutions like FloraKleen? 

  23. Psyntaur Vishnu says:

    High five Vader! You’re like…mother natures ambassador dude. All your
    videos make me scream FUCK YES in public. Thanks for everything cannabis,
    my good sir! Don’t stop growing!

  24. SpaceRoomba says:

    There is something to be said about the look of flowers bursting with
    little seeds in them, always love the way it looks. As always man the
    girls look absolutely amazing, and I always look forward to the breeding
    videos! Hope you decide to continue with your genetics video series, such
    an interesting topic. To a greener garden brother!

  25. MrPercythrower says:

    I wish someone would bring super soil to UK .come on wholesalers,but if
    they did they wouldn’t sell so many magic potions.

  26. lee uk says:

    Hey vador in uk so I can only find ur strains on rhino.and they only
    got witch’s brew.and merlot og..will they be getting more ov ur stock to have the alien abduct..devils tear..theres like 3 strains
    there..can u let me know some where which got most u srains..I really want
    to run ur beans..thank you..lee

  27. PriavteReserve23 says:

    Looking Good. 

  28. BIGMACK WSD says:

    Looking Great Vader, Im also using Canna CoCo Nuits In soil and all is to
    the good overhere keepem coming bro.

  29. Museyarp says:

    Where does the majority of your cannabis go? Do you smoke it? Gift it? Are
    you a care giver?


  30. LURKSS says:

    awesome video!!!!!! as usual!!!

  31. dirtybongwater grows says:

    thanks for the vid stay safe and stay medicated

  32. Tokin Dave says:

    Lookin good brotha!

  33. Grandpa Tokin says:

    Awesome, as always. Thanks!

  34. josh lemester says:

    Question what is the highest thc strain you deal with and name

  35. GlitchingInc says:

    always loving the vader updates!
    “fader” FTW!

  36. bondscalper says:

    you do the best videos !!!
    Long Live Vader

  37. Phillip Haley says:

    Hey, I have a problem with fungus gnats! I’ve tried several tricks to no
    avail…Neem oil, yellow stickies, and hydrogen peroxide haven’t worked.
    Any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated

  38. warriorcloud9 says:

    Gr8 Show this year man !
    I am growing DWC with Canna Aqua line….How often do i have to change the
    water and what is the optimum PH for that water Pls do a DWC ROUND