Under propostioton 215, is growing marijuana legal?

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Marijuana Growing
daflingbaba asked:

I have been reading many articels on the new upcoming vote on Proposition 19. but am lesrning many things about 215 I have not known. I live in New York and as far as it goes here weed is 100% illegal, but can California citizens legally grow marijuana in a greenhouse in a limited space? and if not will prop. 19 make it legal?

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  1. WATCH DOG on

    With a medical Cannabis card they can grow limited number of plants, by stae law but it is still illegal under federal law.
    The National Academy of Science did a scientific review in 1999 for the federal Office of Narcotics Control Policy and documented legitimate medical uses for cannabis, but the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) still forbids its use. Meanwhile, the US government gives cannabis to seven patients in the Compassionate IND (Investigational New Drug) program. Eight states have legalized medical marijuana and allow patients to obtain, use and cultivate the herb. In May of 2001, the US Supreme Court ruled that state and federal laws do not need to conform with each other, leaving patients in legal Limbo. Prop 215 and all other state medical marijuana laws remain in effect.

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