UG 99 Mailbag and New Stuff


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UG 99 Mailbag and New StuffWe answer a few questions… then look at some Reflective Film from Easygrow, the new Hyper Fan, Flame Defender Automatic Self Contained Fire Extinguisher, The Grower’s Handbook from David…

14 comments on “UG 99 Mailbag and New Stuff

  1. Kira Barsmith on

    I enjoyed the question and answer portion especially, going to buy some
    mango today:)

  2. jetlrn on

    Hey, who knew? The gargantuan tree in my back yard is just now starting to
    drop huge, beautiful mangoes!


  3. Zombex Winkel on

    Remo, pleas can you make a video to explain how to get the maximum amount
    of weed from a plant! I like your style making videos!! Greeting fro m the
    worldmaster country :D

  4. kenithish on

    I have to agree with you Remo, your side by side test of the terpinator
    convinced me to go get it, my first harvest with it was only used through
    flowering but it was the first time the strain ever caked up with resin in
    the 3 years I’ve been growing the cuttings. I use terpinator from veg
    through flush now on every lady.

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