Tweed Federally Licenced Cannabis Producer

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April 5, 2014
The Science Jerks News 24 – Weed and Booze
April 5, 2014

Tweed Federally Licenced Cannabis ProducerWe visit Tweed …a giant chocolate factory that turned into one of the largest Canadian Licenced Cannabis Producers.


  1. OSOSoCal says:

    This is what heaven must look like. That is the most massive indoor
    commercial production i have ever seen or heard of. How do I apply for a
    job? I will straight up move to go work as a grower there! I am dead
    serious, i have professional corporate skills and excellent knowledge of
    cannabis including growing! Hire me please! Lol

  2. king216OH says:

    this guy is a marijuana god

  3. urbanremo says:

    Add a message to your video

  4. Humboldt710 says:

    I love that roller setup in the flower room! Excellent use of space!

  5. CannaHeaven says:

    True SOG in that flower room and I’d also say 50-70 kilos in there if all
    goes well.

  6. FuqRumpus says:

    How do I get paid by the government to grow weed?

  7. travisandjoy says:

    what did u think of the tour remo?

  8. Braden .J says:

    well thats intense

  9. OpTicMusPrime says:

    good stuff sir! peace and pot

  10. Blunteeezy says:

    i would thoroughly enjoy working there

  11. johnny blaze says:

    cheers Remo stay medicated brother

  12. MoeGreen420 says:

    They got one here in Pennsylvania in a what use to be a Hersey factor
    Actually it’s in Hersey P.A. Makes me thing. 

  13. TrippyManeInstrumentals says:

    That looks so nice!!!! once producing sweets. now producing something
    sweeter :)

  14. Jesse Watts says:

    Wow……just wow!!!!!

  15. raffles88888 says:

    As Steve would say Holy Man….lol..

  16. Phil W says:

    did you get to see any finished product?

  17. motonegros says:

    I love seeing things done right.

  18. mac ti says:

    Where is this remo?

  19. Bran Gozz says:

    That is ridiculous!! 

  20. weineykingpin88 says:


  21. xxwoodcutterxx says:

    How can i get medical cannabis if a live in Ontario?, where do i go??
    please help me.

  22. Reowin says:

    Wow that’s a big building

  23. raffles88888 says:

    Remo you coming back over too Oz for Nimbin Cup 2014 ?May 1-4 .

  24. jerimias weed says:

    damn that place is huge!

  25. iroc ant says:

    Fuck that’s so much weed 

  26. Suniermo Gomez says:

    what’s the deal with the licensed producers? do they have a plant total?

  27. ottawadigs says:

    Thanks for the video, it answers the question I asked them of when I will
    be able to order lol.

  28. im1greatman says:

    Two different systems. One for rich growers and one for poor growers.

  29. Canadian Connoisseur says:

    Hey Remo is this the only setup youve viewed so far? I have to decide which
    producer to go with by this TUESDAY and id love some advice if youve heard
    good/bad things about anyone else. Im from Alberta by the way

  30. Kronos898 says:

    WeedMD is setting up shop about 3 blocks from my house.Starting with 25k
    sq/ft of a 100k sq/ft warehouse they are hoping to be the largest producer
    in Canada. Kinda crazy to think of considering this is a bible thumper
    village lol. Everyone seems to be all for it though, they know its
    medicine. Times are changing.

  31. GreenMountainGrow says:

    say bye bye to the little guy :(…. 

  32. rayc1962 says:


  33. Canibus Lecter says:

    those t5’s are kinda far away from the canopy…my t5’s are like 3-4 inches
    from the canopy