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TransplantingTucking in 3 little clones into their new outdoor beds. Except for the opening tune, the music is from DreamerJazz352: https:// Blog, links to social media,…

21 comments on “Transplanting

  1. Pixel Power on

    You two love your dogs this i know from watching and listening to you since
    day 1, best friends you can ever have. Plenty exercise :)

  2. BurgardRecords on

    Make sure since you have da buhdda get some of that THCV! Its 30x Stronger
    than cbd!


    Good video….nice to see you doing your thing again. Glad you smoked a lot
    in this one 😉 Glad to see you’re growing. FFOF is the right choice. They
    will get big, it’s hot out of the bag. PnP

  4. DKsparks13 on

    Hey! just a tip,don’t use that left over potting soil for your next crop.
    Especially if you keep it for an extended period of time. 

  5. lilbones486 on

    If you aren’t nuting the plants then it’s gonna be larf or use some super
    soil…plants need all kinds of nutes. naturally nutes are found in the
    ground in large amounts but that fox farm only has enough for veg!

  6. beeqool on

    what is that lighter thing youre using? and i know that its been asked a
    million times but where can i listen full version of that intro tune?

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