Too much wind for your cannabis plants!

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August 22, 2014
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August 22, 2014

Too much wind for your cannabis plants!These cannabis plants are getting too much wind! Cannabis likes a breeze, but it’s too much wind if your stems and leaves are waving around, and can start causing leaves to claw and show other…


  1. Nebula Haze says:

    12-second vid – Cannabis likes a breeze, but this is too much. Make sure
    fans aren’t blowing directly on plants!

  2. Igmu Tanka Luta says:

    Each plant should have the equivalent wind from those oscillating desk fans
    blowing that rotate left & right.

    From a foot away.

    Just enough to keep insects from landing on them.

  3. billyuba says:

    Definitely sharing this, Neb! Thank you and GlobLife!

  4. vargas matatan says:

    Y como lo haces amigo