The new O.G garden

Grow Talk Episode #3
March 31, 2015
Guerrilla Chronicles day 60+ Outdoor Grow
March 31, 2015

The start of the next run.


  1. Maine420medgrower says:

    they keep getting bigger every run. looking great stay medicated bro

  2. diesel04927 says:

    The new O.G garden:

  3. Jam Packed says:

    every plant in there is a beauty. some sweet OGz peace&love

  4. Mark Thompson says:

    The new O.G garden:

  5. AGY'MAH D says:

    Thanks for tips

  6. Connoisseur Panda says:

    Wish I had a yard outdoors sound fun/stressing at the same time

  7. Jam Packed says: the O.G Garden

  8. medi CalGrower says:

    You cant go wrong with a Og garden. Nice size plants !

  9. Jman3188 says:

    Whats going on stranger! I know you’re gonna love the Ancient truth OG. It
    is a good yeilder and has all the funk and high of a true OG! the cross
    is-(ancient og x true power og) Stay Up! can’t wait to see how these girls
    progress! Sending positive vibes to you and Diesel :)