The new crib part B

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April 1, 2013
18+ Weed MTV 12/12 Buds/Auto Flowering/Green House
April 1, 2013

The new crib part BSorry if its dark need new bulb in room.


  1. IxProdiGxI says:

    You should slap a 4×8 tent right there to veg out

  2. KARL Bailey says:

    Happy for u bro ive been watching since day 1

  3. Jon Smith says:

    Love the new place man, keep it frosty

  4. bicflicker08 says:

    looks like alot of fun buddy glad to see the upgrade!! have fun! congrats!

  5. TWITCH3D0UT says:

    Sick shit bro! I’m in the wrong fucking state haha. Congrats looking forward to future vids.

  6. italianbc says:

    sexy eyes 2 chainz

  7. 420vizions says:

    GLOB citY….

  8. mario juana says:

    cool man

  9. MrNITEHAWK82 says:

    I cannot wait to see it when you get it all setup

  10. Urbangrowtent says:

    Ur eyes look crazy fam lol

  11. 1CALIFAZBEAR says:

    DaaaaaaamN.. Farmer, now that’s a major upgrade on the pad. Best of karma your way BrUh and good Buddah. Looking forward to seeing your setup once it’s up and running. Keep up the good work BrUh and stay up dude..✌

  12. Bobby Sauer says:

    @FarmerJohn Fourtwenty, hey man put a hanger or put a bridging 2×4 on your ceiling joist, or just put a u crew in ur jis if its not supporting more than 50lb per sq foot it should be ok

  13. Toke Bro says:

    hard work does pay off

  14. carrieanastas says:

    I’m very happy for you 😉

  15. autism grows says:

    you sure that’s only one house. you could play hockey in there. and a fireplace in a bed room is pimp ass hugh heffner shit. love it man, you deserve it

  16. Urbangrowtent says:

    With the flash

  17. Hostile X says:

    your studio has a 10 foot celling i think you should flower in there you would come out wit a big ass bud plant bro think bout it you only gettin about 2 to 3 inch diff well tats what i saw in the other room 10 FOOT CELINGS lolz your a cool dude bro

  18. Toker Smoker says:

    I do have 2chainz muthhha fuckkkka!