The end of medical cannabis as we know it – SB 5052 update, WA governor signs bill.

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April 27, 2015
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April 28, 2015

An update for my fellow Washingtonians that will be effected by SB 5052. As I mentioned in the last video, some serious changes to the medical cannabis industry in WA could be going into effect,…


  1. jhunter1014 says:

    I think that’s what medicropper was talking bout when he quit. 

  2. BolagnaSheetsMD . says:

    yea sounds like people will be looking for there meds on the streets in WA
    now instead of a safe controlled way before

  3. lowrider94ss says:

    That sucks id b devastated. I hate to say it medical states need to vote
    against recreational cannabis and vote against full blown legalized
    cannabis too, all that’s gonna happen is big biz will take over. Its ez and
    cheap enough to get a med card keep it medical and everything will b great 

  4. Weed Tuber says:
  5. Midd Grow says:

    Best of luck in WA

  6. rsarbaine says:

    Can’t have a wedge issue without setbacks, eh?