The Aardvarks tHoughts On Grow FanS

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The Aardvarks tHoughts On Grow FanSDiscreet Marijuana Seeds Shipped Worldwide:

13 comments on “The Aardvarks tHoughts On Grow FanS

  1. TWITCH3D0UT on

    you got a lot of cool content on your channel. big lots is the spot to go if you have one by you.

  2. hightimesman5 on

    feel u there use the bang for the buck u know not sure where u about is but low or home depot hardwaer store are good place to start

  3. Tim Oshkosh WI on

    No comments on this video? Surprises me, learned the value of a good fan in the seed starting room this year.

  4. Sean Ahnana on

    FANS , ughh i can not get my osolating fan to work really well and the height is jacked besides a new fan , anything i can do to better airflow ?

  5. raideon17 on

    i saw one of those metal fans at home depot for like 100 bucks… :/ i want one but damn kinda expensive… i have a small clip fan lol thinking of upping it..

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