The 2013 Cannabis Cup Amsterdam Expo


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The 2013 Cannabis Cup Amsterdam Expo Thanks for watching! COMMENT and LIKE if you enjoyed the video and SUBSCRIBE to see my new videos as they are released. This video is…

6 comments on “The 2013 Cannabis Cup Amsterdam Expo

  1. silisimon sli on

    Thanks Andrew for the videos,we saw us the 1day I was the guy from
    Luxembourg,you even got me and my friend on this video thanks dude 😉
    Cheers from Luxembourg….

  2. troglodyte3344 on

    sensi seeds made a good effort on their stall. Problem with the cup is
    that once you’ve walked the floor once, that’s it. The seminars are boring
    as hell unless you want to learn how to make a smoothie with soma..The
    music events don’t seem to cater for the demographic either, hiphop or
    hiphop is the choice and the melweg is filled with people that look like
    they would rather hear a bit of indie music instead. If I ran that event,
    I would go to the leadmill in sheffield, source a few upcoming bands and
    book them instead. I’d also make sure industry buyers were able to have
    proper meet ups with the vendors to talk business. I’m flying out on
    Monday to the dam for a week, I made sure I missed this event this year.
    Spannabis is much more professional and I’ll be heading there in 2014. 

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