SUPER WINDOW Harvest – Dank Buds – Marijuana Growing

Marijuana Growing FREELY around trails – naturally dank weed!
August 3, 2011
How To Hide The Heat Given Off by a Grow Room From The Police
August 3, 2011

SUPER WINDOW Harvest - Dank Buds - Marijuana GrowingThumbs Up This Video If You Love Weed! Awesome buds from a SIMPLE window grow – The LEGENDARY brand new eBook features 748 (yes – you read that correctly) pages of the most up-to-date grow information encompassing virtually EVERYTHING you will ever need to know for how to grow your own mind blowing top-caliber medical-grade Marijuana.


  1. badk0re says:

    Always a fan of giant buds!

  2. socalhippie420 says:

    looks good man!! plant remind me of my twitter og plant i grew last year!!!!