Strain Showcase: OG #15 from PÜR

My First Grow: Day 43
March 16, 2015
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March 16, 2015

– Will this Michigan grown OG hold up to Gil’s high standards? PÜR (313) 821-4259 16738 East Warren Ave, Detroit, MI 48224


  1. RockerDavid2 says:

    we got the fire out here in michigan 

  2. freddy hayes says:

    i was comparing this vid to your last review of flowers from them; the
    chemical warfare. the bud looks unique in it’s own sense but they were both
    very similar in terms of the resin profile and colour. both strains looked
    dank, i would pay top shelf prices for them, it’s a shame i’m thousands of
    miles away 🙁

    it’s funny how certain growers put their mark on their bud. every grower
    recognises their product instantly and from this it’s clear to see that the
    guys at pur have their shit together.

  3. Zac B says:

    damn dude, no offense to anybody from Detroit but whenever I hear anything
    about Detroit or think about it, I think of the 1$ houses for sale, the
    fact you can look at a screenshot from google earth of Detroit and actually
    see gunshots going off in the photo… shit like that, not that they have
    dispensaries, I didn’t even know they had medical in Michigan.. especially
    growing some serious OG too, keep it up! Detroit has too much hate and
    stereotypes surrounding it.