Strain Showcase: Charlie Sheen OG

Randall S Comedy: Stand-up Comedy VFW #5812 March 18, 2015
March 19, 2015
Grow Update; hermies, clones and genetics
March 20, 2015

– Will Charlie Sheen OG hold up to Gil’s high standards? Ounce Depot *Deliveries Only*


  1. Sawyer Veseth says:

    FUCK that weed looks great. 

  2. Trippy Sqaud says:

    Gil you are the fucking man!

  3. peacefulherbs420 says:

    Time to make weed legal everywhere pathetic human beings

  4. Cheyne Simons says:

    what is the price tag on one of those nugs?

  5. Sawyer Veseth says:

    Lighter was like a shout out to all the peasants in the comments. 

  6. juscallme m says:

    i can almost smell the og through the computer lol looks great

  7. goatskindreams says:

    takes alot of strength not to say this weed is “winning” Gil. props

  8. washingtonpa420 says:

    HAHA funny shit GIL. Back in the day at hempfest I gave your guys a big
    chunk of some ISO shatter I made along with some nugs I grew. They dabbed
    me out of your kind creations piece, some of that charlie sheen og wax!

  9. pvtpain66k says:

    Eeeew, butane. I had to. You have hempwick. Eeew. :>

  10. HASHASHIN 47 says:

    those are some proper nugs mate lol who doesnr love Charlie sheen ….a
    sand castle …make it disappear lol…lmao

  11. Marijuana Clouds says:

    Smoked this strain couple years back . Bomb! Cheers man! Check out my

  12. heybud says:

    That looks like some straight fire

  13. Jeff Holbrook says:

    I call this Emilio Estevez OG. Because Charlie Sheen never made a good
    movie. His brother was in ‘Repo Man’. Emilio!

  14. italianbc says:

    Great Review’s Gil…

  15. spe6ks says:


  16. nevaslippn says:

    Charlie Sheen anything better be epic…. Gotta say (from the looks at
    least) it does live up to the name of our father, the great Charlie Sheen!

  17. iGotaIPHONE says:

    Gil, bud. i see you have a vapexhale cloud in the backround. why would u
    not use that for the review lol. it provides a more accurate profile of the
    flavors and effects. best vape in the world right next to u id like to see
    u use it bud!

  18. CallMeTony says:

    You have the best job in the world. I haven’t had CSOG in a couple of
    years, but I remember really liking it. 

  19. esta canail says:

    what is the lineage of this charlie sheen og??? that strain looks CRAZYYYY

  20. andyfibb says:

    this strain came around when Charlie sheen was all crazy and cracked out
    lol… the strain name came purely from the celeb hype.. pretty stupid
    strain imo, i have no idea the genetics i think people just rename shit
    charlie sheen og lol