STINKY MONEY! Banks Won’t Take Your Money If It Smells Like Marijuana


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STINKY MONEY!  Banks Won't Take Your Money If It Smells Like MarijuanaApril 05, 2013 KOMO 4 News

47 comments on “STINKY MONEY! Banks Won’t Take Your Money If It Smells Like Marijuana

  1. invisibleaznDJ on

    This is actually good. The banks, especially the larger banks, are run by a bunch of thugs. MJ business owners should set the example for others to circumvent these banks so they can be put out of business.

  2. Gino11able on

    They’ll just steal from your savings account if they know their banks is going down.

  3. 4youarenotallowed on

    Ask the people in Cyprus…you don’t want your money in a bank, especially if they get our guns or think they have them

  4. TheeBudGuru on


  5. bamboo4tameshigiri on

    Get yourself a chemist and salt out the 8 ball of cocaine you will get from every briefcase of cash.

  6. Curly Green on

    Hahahaha I havent used a bank or credit cards in 5 years ….I suggest everyone else start the same practice 🙂

  7. apocalyptichybrid2 on

    Why would money smell like pot to begin with?

    Unless you are stacking your cash in a grow room there will be no smell. Curing pot is in air-tight jars so no transfer there.

    Just a strange story. It’s not about the smell, it’s about banks being on the anit-marijuana side and that’s there business. I’m sure if one bank refuses “pot money” another will take it.

    Weird is right. This is what legalization will bring to states, chaos. Shoulda keep well alone.

  8. Teemancan on

    He should bank with HSBC — they already admitted to laundering 800 mill for the Mexican drug cartels and paid a slap on wrist fine– so they should take the money no matter what it smells like.

  9. bamboo4tameshigiri on

    As they launder BILLIONS for the cocaine trade. The government knows about. The fed is complicit. And no one gets charged with anything. For decades.

  10. LordHoBagBeater on

    They won’t accept money that smells like pot but will accept money that smells like blood.

  11. Gilliatt83 on

    good, buy pot with gold instead. Pot Economy

    P.S. Do they accept money stained with cocaine?! just asking

  12. d brab on

    if you want to earn some money for reviewing songs im looking for 100s of new critics

  13. bamboo4tameshigiri on

    About 9 out of every 10 bills in every wallet in the US will test positive for cocaine.

  14. lrshiver3 on

    Hypocrites that stink straight to high heaven. They will take blood money but not money that smells like pot? What a bunch of hypocrites. As if a bank president has morals….haha that’s a laugh.

  15. keiferd11 on

    We send our money through the “quick wash cycle”….and it is then deposited under our other business account. Works for us.

  16. grangersmith on

    They don’t mind taking money made from the Industrial War Industry. Death and destruction of the innocent doesn’t smell, too bad.We need to make a new legal tender. The city of Tenino WA did this during the depression. They created their own legal tender wooden money. Money is only a symbolic peace of paper coin built on trust.

  17. d brab on

    if you want to earn some money for reviewing songs im looking for 100s of new critics

    TOPCRITIC . TK (remove the spaces)

  18. rsnboy08 . on

    This is so stupid!!! Whey will not take money that smell like weed but most of the money in the fucking world coated with cocaine and heroine (and so are the credit cards) Fuck banks… take your money OUT of the banks.. keep it under your mattress.

  19. dafttool on

    It was my understanding that during the heyday of the 80s, virtually all cash had traces of cocaine on them.

  20. HarryButtle101 on

    Wellfargo and bank bank of America were caught laundering Mexican cartel billions….nobody was turned away.

  21. HorrorAngel666 on

    Sure, I’ll talk to the bank manager. The only thing uncomfortable about it will be the welt across his bitch ass face and how he will feel like a little bitch and how they will have to treat me like royalty from then on.

  22. watercup123456 on

    Soak your money in isopropyl alcohol and squeeze it out and let it dry. Done, next issue.

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