step by step marijuana grow (final week)

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January 9, 2012
Birthday High
January 9, 2012

step by step marijuana grow (final week) theweedscene.comharvesting marijuana buds in week 6 of flowering


  1. thefallfever says:

    beautiful grow room and harvest, what size of light is finishing your ladies?

  2. sweettosmoke says:

    looking real frosty my freind.

  3. GrowHouseBuilders says:

    @thefallfever – Thanks.. lights are 1000w HPS w Hortilux Super Hps Bulbs.

  4. GrowHouseBuilders says:

    @anyshitt – 4 weeks in veg… well thats from clone to mom. clone machine for 1 week. grow tables for 3 weeks, took a few clones off of each. then transferred to bloom

  5. GrowHouseBuilders says:

    @TheLitesol – they are seeds that ive cross bred for many years.. Yes, 6 week flowering time!! makes my work much easier :)))

  6. anyshitt says:

    excellent bro: 6 week’s damm! how many weeks of veg did you say? and yea the camera got
    a great deal triclone action..

  7. W33Dblazer says:

    good shit man

  8. TheLitesol says:

    6 weeks! Were these seeds or clones?