So, you take issue with GAY DAY? COME AT ME BRUH.

Sensi Star Timelapse!!
March 2, 2015
March 2, 2015

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  1. SuperGreenbacon says:


  2. KS Scharman says:

    omg i knew that

  3. jaymeez says:


  4. IronLungs Mcgee says:

    wb half

  5. kevin monaco says:

    id kill some one if they did that to my mom

  6. Studebaker Hawke says:

    Im so sick of tyhis antii gay bullshit! Two [people love eachother,how the
    fuck is that a bad thing?Love is awesome no matter straight
    gay,transgender or what the fuck ever.

  7. Biionic Tristan says:

    What could we replace them with, i mean some sort of law enforcement is

  8. jaymeez says:

    TRUE Nay, there are absolute shit cops out there but there are shit people
    in every job. I can’t say fuck all cops, but I will say fuck over 50% I’ve
    dealt with

  9. jaymeez says:

    Dude I have had tickets for every occasion & Fuck Cops! But they are not
    “ALL” terrorists

  10. YAS991000 says:

    we do the same in meddle East tho

  11. Ripper Joe says:

    thats it

  12. nick halifaxuk says:

    here in the uk we dunk our biscuits in our cups of tea is that only here ?

  13. yuri michigan says:

    u in the chat?

  14. William Wonder says:

    I’m a Columbian coffee addict

  15. Ripper Joe says:


  16. 420Homestead™ says:

    when going to a concert you are entering private property and property
    owners should have the right to search you if they want to. the government
    can’t because of the 4th amendment

  17. trendyasdabbers says:

    lets get trendy!

  18. MyEvilLaugh says:
  19. nick halifaxuk says:

    laters s.g.b..

  20. SuperGreenbacon says:

    its ALL of US!.. by def

  21. nick halifaxuk says:

    hi nay and trendy,s good day to you all there ….

  22. SuperGreenbacon says:

    personal dose

  23. SuperGreenbacon says:

    RGR THAT!!!! 710/420

  24. jaymeez says:

    If a cop pulled a gun on my cop then I would go ballistic!

  25. Nice won says:

    cheers buddys

  26. fallingdownandshit says:

    Dude, cops scare the shit out of me. I got pulled over a few weeks ago for
    a headlight out. They were rolling deep as shit. 3 cars for a busted
    headlight, seriously?

  27. IronLungs Mcgee says:

    I was also give a glass small blue glass spoon, a cool metal grateful dead
    bowl and this funky wooden pipe for free. but you’ll never guess what I
    paid for the bong

  28. 420Homestead™ says:

    yeah that is what i am saying nay. I know what they are capable of and that
    is why i have always been frightened of them.

  29. Gav Logan says:

    trendy. JANUS,

  30. nick halifaxuk says:

    wish i was 22 again hahahaha lol

  31. IronLungs Mcgee says:

    everyone should hit the live too

  32. SuperGreenbacon says:


  33. 420Homestead™ says:

    luckily the hand swab didn’t show up positive

  34. SuperGreenbacon says:

    I hate the chat lag

  35. Kiluh Elaine says:


  36. SmokedOutTutorials says:

    haha little dick republican.

  37. SuperGreenbacon says:


  38. Nice won says:

    im 22 today 😛

  39. UpInSmokeeee says:

    that [ieceof shit badge they think they can do wat eva as long as the
    hypocrites are bakin them up lol

  40. 420Homestead™ says:

    not to mention the fact that the point of laws are to prosecute just a few
    people to instill terror into the masses so they don’t break the law.
    basically a small attack on someone to instill fear

  41. yuri michigan says:


  42. yuri michigan says:


  43. warlordkillah says:

    a terroristic organisation want to downpress and bully poeple like some
    crazy organizations like boko haram does it and nays also raight the
    goverment does the same shit on the wise to controll the us

  44. yuri michigan says:

    sup nick

  45. yuri michigan says:

    cheers bro!!

  46. yuri michigan says:

    i bet theres a trendy cop ;p;

  47. Connar macDonald says:

    sup nay , yuri n trendys

  48. 420Homestead™ says:

    I should clarify that it was after he checked his gun at the counter. then
    he went through the metal detector. then he was pulled into a back room for
    a hand swab for explosives

  49. YAS991000 says:


  50. Ripper Joe says:

    the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for
    political purposes.