Smoking 2 year old cannabis!

1st Grow Vid 7
May 1, 2014
【予告】大麻は奇跡を呼ぶ!? 医療大麻 最前線 – Medicinal Marijuana in Japan (Trailer)
May 1, 2014

Smoking 2 year old cannabis!all viewers must 18 and up for this video. adult setting, language and activities. Live BF4 with Nay on Cam!


  1. Farm4Freedom says:

    no worries here bro

  2. Giuseppe Testa says:


  3. tay420 says:


  4. Farm4Freedom says:


  5. robbie parker says:

    yo keepa

  6. Farm4Freedom says:


  7. Albino Slug says:

    damn im only 25

  8. Farm4Freedom says:

    right on man

  9. zero67439 says:

    his goddmn beard look like a tie fighter

  10. MrMarine347 says:

    lol u got him on the spot now nay

  11. socalhippie hashman says:

    need to get new tarp though to block the light from getting in from the

  12. robbie parker says:

    subbed you kehagias45

  13. keepa blazin says:

    work hard play hard you already know what it is

  14. keepa blazin says:


  15. socalhippie hashman says:


  16. socalhippie hashman says:

    the snozberrie’s tast like snozberrie’s…lol

  17. Farm4Freedom says:

    lol affraid to lose fem demo?

  18. zero67439 says:


  19. keepa blazin says:

    what’s good hustler ?

  20. robbie parker says:

    thats whats up man

  21. Dabbymcdabdabs says:

    dab time

  22. MrMarine347 says:

    he is gonna ask for your social security numbers next nay lol

  23. tay420 says:

    hahahaha thanks

  24. ruis mont says:


  25. socalhippie hashman says:

    worked my ass off in the treehouse grow some lights u there for
    working at night

  26. tay420 says:

    how old r u

  27. ruis mont says:

    im freekin out maan

  28. robbie parker says:


  29. keepa blazin says:


  30. Albino Slug says:


  31. EastCoastRips says:

    age is just a number

  32. ruis mont says:


  33. Albino Slug says:

    hes gonna look up your birth chart

  34. Ernest Stewart says:

    Old enough to wire Disney World

  35. Jorgen Vonstrangle says:

    He’s an agent

  36. Albino Slug says:

    well 25 in July

  37. keepa blazin says:

    you look older Gee

  38. Farm4Freedom says:

    no reasoning man just wondering

  39. Giuseppe Testa says:


  40. socalhippie hashman says:


  41. scooby mcclishes says:

    20 here

  42. Farm4Freedom says:


  43. robbie parker says:

    man nay your 46? i thought you was like 40

  44. Farm4Freedom says:

    im trippin out

  45. Farm4Freedom says:

    im 32 no secret

  46. zero67439 says:


  47. robbie parker says:

    cheers man

  48. kehagias45 says:

    lol ur the man

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  50. socalhippie hashman says:

    put him in the hotseat