Season 3 Day 35 Veg Update G8 450


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Season 3 Day 35 Veg Update G8 450Welcome to Season 3! New Products, New Strains & More! OverGrowSociety merchandise available NOW!!! LED lights & Grow Tent: D…

50 comments on “Season 3 Day 35 Veg Update G8 450

  1. John Sellers on

    what medium or soil do you use to grow in? Have you ever tried super soil
    or recommend it? What’s the best nutes for big buds?

  2. SuperAviationWorld on

    hey g420g check out method seven glasses you can see the true colours even
    with the purple leds on i saw it on some other guys channel

  3. Antony Poole on

    Its crap the new comment section but nice to see you bk I need help one of
    my plants its turning brown I havnt fed nutrients yet im growing with 3 cfl
    bulbs 2 65w 1 45w 

  4. JUNWEI li on

    i would loev to know the answer to the seedling issue with small tap root n
    then stunting its growth form that point on and never developing

  5. tushygalore on

    Nice to see some new videos from you, always fun to watch you growing and
    listen to you tell us what you know!

  6. Adam Cary on

    Hey youtube….how about you suck the fart out of my a**! Grow 420 Guide
    doesn’t like the comment system so I don’t either….Keep it up bro. My
    favorite series of videos on Youtube right now.

  7. TheRyaniscoolio on

    Low key, The Google comment system alone doesn’t bother me… ITS BOB AND

  8. ljd09032 on

    How did you get the leds? Donation or bought them straight out. Reason i
    ask is because im looking for some leds to work with by donation. Want to
    test a few.

  9. bud shaw on

    dude…check your sugar level or eat something! lol…nice vid…your
    passion shows thru..God bless :)

  10. Dexim Shakur on

    Yo 420guide. I’ve been wondering about LEDs for a while. Your growth and
    color is impressive as hell.
    But for me to commit, I still need to see the one big answer (other peoples
    videos seem.. biased)
    If this grow pulls the yield, consider me sold over my 600w mh/hps vert
    setup. Shit maybe I’ll do 50% hps 300w and the rest led!

  11. Zander OverGrowingSociety on

    just seen you had 1 seed disappear well when i start my AMNESIA TRANCE
    (Fem) i lost 2 seeds an we looked for them but no where to be seen? anyone
    know why this is. 

  12. jovydas pranskunas on

    G420G Much love for what are you doing man! Waiting for MEDICATING
    MONDAYS!! Amazing plants! Peace and love!

  13. michael cousins on

    Do you give your seeds light soon as you plant them (germinate them)? Don’t
    want to waste seeds

  14. G3 on

    Think my light dried out my plant need help , don’t know if I can save her
    . Please help I watered her good sprayed leaves. .. 

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