Season 3: Day 14 Update G8-450 LED


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Season 3: Day 14 Update G8-450 LEDWelcome to Season 3! New Products, New Strains & More! OverGrowSociety merchandise available NOW!!! LED lights & Grow Tent: D…

40 comments on “Season 3: Day 14 Update G8-450 LED

  1. bigrowks on

    Nice!!! The girls look great…so how far did u lower the light…?? Can’t
    wait to see how ur strand comes out..and of course the Boston berry..coming
    from the east coast (RI)..iam excited to see how it turns out over there..
    Sry abt no pic can’t figure it out..lolzz
    I also wanted to mentioned. abt sending out to ur loyal subscribers
    one of them Grow420guide bracelets. .or t-shirts. ? Such a suggesting. .?
    What do u think..? 

  2. Shane Delara on

    The plants look great!

    I tried to send you that PM but it says you have to add me as a contact? I
    did go to your merch site and grabbed one of those OG hoodies. Hoping it
    gets here today!

  3. Derrick Unger on

    u top that small I was told wait till the 6th internode so that’s how I
    been doing it it must work if it doing it that way

  4. ThatGuyGaming123 on

    Grow 420 guide. I have alot of questions being I wanna start a gorilla grow
    op. I have been a sub since the 420th subscriber video and I would be
    honored to have a chat with the man with the most important and respected
    skills in the field. Thanks for your time. Sincerely, your sub since the

  5. AlabamaIndica on

    Hey G420G that plant you got the seeds from you called cali jane… Thays
    the plant thats doing good correct? Well 9/10 of those male seeds that just
    sat there on the plant and died will probbaly be males. Would explain the
    early spurt in growth..

  6. Jose Carrasco on

    My plants are 2 weeks old and they don’t look anything close to that can
    anyone help me out I’m new at this please and thank you

  7. TheKeebo3000 on

    I also have this light (g8led 450) I bought it for 599 ( check my grow) im
    running it against a pro grow 400 in a different cabinet the girls are on
    their third weed of flower… grow420guide rocks and is the reason i
    started growing love my led light so far… tight nodes excellent growth

  8. iWin FTW on

    Love the less but man that color sucks. Anyway to remove soo much purple? I
    like to be able to see the plants color. By remove I mean like a lens or
    something haha

  9. Tommy Blaze on

    Nice G420G, I feel u on when you’re growing many different strains in 1
    grow cycle and enjoyment in watching, and Noticing the differences in the
    different strains and phenos as they grow from seedlings, into well
    structured and defined plants and phenos! Quick question, how much would a
    decent LED light setup cost me $$? Like what does the one you’re using
    normally cost from Dorm-Grow! I’m a 1st time indoor, tent user, I have a
    (2ft)24in deep-x-(3ft)36in wide-x-(5ft)62in high tent! I started a CR+,once
    root tip showed in germination on 11-3-12, I put it in an identical cup and
    and it’s no where close to your girls, it’s very fragile, and only is
    starting on its 3rd real leaf sets pushing thru the middle. Any advice,
    using a 400watt MH, but initially had under flourecents but only an 18watt
    tube. I’m interested in what u were saying about temp issues and similar
    issues, and high temps is always my biggest issue! Any advice would be much
    appreciated. Thanks for ur time and mad skills and for sharing it in a fun
    and entertaining way, I’ve learned Sooo much from u just from watching ur
    videos! U do very nice work and definitely have a super Dr.Greenthumb! Your
    loyal subscriber and fellow grow buddy, take it care and be safe! One love,
    Peace brother!

    P.S. Sorry for how long this comment is, I had even more I could a spoke
    about, but a later time I guess! Later!
    ** Tommy-Blaze** doing it right on the East Coast, holding down the Philly

  10. missangiesweetheart on

    😀 this video made me super excited to use my LED lights for my babies <3
    thanks for the vids (: 

  11. The420Money on

    if u where to add a 250 watt hps int the tent with the led during flower
    your heat would be more than manageable and ur plants will love you for
    it. i got the densest nug of my life doing this

  12. Matthew Moortgat on

    IN your solo cups, do you cut the bottoms or put any holes in the cups or
    just leave the cups as they are.

  13. lcc83 on

    do you add Silicon to your res?

    each time I’ve used it the plants seem lusher under led’s,

    looks like they don’t need it yet. but if the leaves feel thinner and
    weaker than under hps give them silicon @ quart strength

  14. Misty8flip on

    Everything looking really good man. LED’s looking real nice. Might have
    to grab one to try out. Can you use the light for grow and bloom or is it
    better to use it for one or the other?

  15. LVHighLife on

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    ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/︻╦╤─ This tank & Bob are against Google+
    Il███████████████████]. /▌ Copy and Paste this all over
    ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / \ YouTube if you are with us

  16. Vincent Giddens on

    I have kelloges I think seven dollars a bag some fox farm grow big and
    tiger bloom do you think I should get the bloom Big too my plants are
    outside first grow so far thay are kind of small there two weeks if you can
    tell me If bloom big helps

  17. Jose Carrasco on

    My plants are 2 weeks old and they don’t look anything close to that can
    anyone help me out I’m new at this please and thank you

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