say my bro is growing marijuana illegaly and my parents dont know, i call the cops on him who gets in trouble?

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Miggy Z asked:

my bro is 21, he has more than 10 marijuana plants my parents have no idea, and i call the cops on him so my parents wont get in trouble? will my parents still be charged or will my brother be charged because i turned him in?


  1. Max says:

    How old is your brother?

  2. vcxzzxcvvcxzzxcv says:

    Please don’t repeat your questions.

  3. Bestest Mommy In The World! says:

    why in the hell would you want to call the cops on your own brother?? don’t be a snitch.

  4. trey.songz.wifey♥ says:

    snitch…start keepin shit to yourself

  5. Jason M says:

    Your brother mostly, your parents may if it’s on their property


    I wouldn’t do that if I were you.
    He’ll never speak to you again.

    Plus, who cares? Just blackmail him and ask for some of the money he makes from selling it!

  7. L A U R A ! says:

    you are going to call the cops on your brother????
    why don’t you just tell your parents??

  8. brocken says:

    call them he will get charged

  9. Jessimac says:

    He’s the one who grew it. If your folks didnt know about it then they wont get into trouble. Have you warned your brother you going to the cops. maybe you can negotiate for him to get rid of em?

  10. BlindedByReason says:

    Do the stand up thing. Confront him about it and give him the opportunity to respond first.

  11. Psycho 78 says:

    Your brother will be charged but your parents, if they own the house, can be charged with using the house for an illegal purpose…or if they don’t know they can prolly be turned in for neglecting their kids if they can grow 10 plants in the house under their nose. If its’ a rented house, it would go against the terms of a normal lease and you could all be evicted. It’s your brother for ***** sake, try an approach less devastating to you and your family.

  12. mikesdaman71 says:

    Your brother is an adult so he would get charged. The right thing to do is tell your parents first because as a parent I would not want any surprise visits for the police. Trust me if you tell your parents first you will feel alot better.

  13. L☮VE says:

    sorry but your brother is an adult and he can do whatever the hell he wants. No one likes a snitch, b!tch.

  14. vmena072591 says:


  15. Jesse ray says:

    property owners will get in trouble / may get prison time, loose said property, depending on local laws.
    jesus why would any one turn their own family member in?

  16. Bob M says:

    Both your brother and your parents would be arrested. You would likely be called a hero, might even get your face in the local newspapers, but you’d probably have to live with foster parents until you’re 18, and you might not get to see your bro or parents for 5 to 20 years.

  17. mj69catz says:

    Your parents will get in trouble for allowing it.

    Tell your parents first about the problem. If you live with your parents, he may try to turn the blame on you.

  18. nothingconstant says:

    Don’t be such a low rat to tell the police.

    If your brother resides with you and your parents, tell your parents!…

    If he lives by himself, leave it alone.

  19. JYogi says:

    Just pour a cup or two of bleach into each plant and they will die. Your parents and your brother will both get headaches if you call the police.

    Kill the plants and move on, if your brother does it again explain to him its not fair to put your parents in that position and if he keeps it up you will have to inform them.

    If you just call the cops you know no matter how mad your parents get they will still help him and it will cost them money.

  20. Lea L says:

    Because your parents own the property, they would. Even if they don’t know it. This happened to my mother in-law.

  21. rebelbrat42 says:

    dont call the cops on him….that wont be a very good idea at all….there is a 92% chance he will not like you anymore if you do…might not even talk to you………talk to him about it or tell him to put that shit in the ground somewhere not around there house………..just dont tell on him..because he would most likely get put away, because the only way with pot you wont go to jail is if you have under 15 grams…and from the sound of it…he has wayyy more….so dont tell on him…and another thing…you get in wayyyy more trouble if you have a plant or you have it drying out……..hope i was some help

  22. Lisa O says:

    Dont be a snitch! Either tell him or tell your parents but there is nothing worse than a snitch!
    Just remember that “don’t throw rocks if you live in a glass house”

  23. joe c says:

    wooow why would u call the cops on your brother

    thats betrayal at its worst. But im not here to judge im here to give u answers

    my advice, dont call the cops. warn your brother that he could get arrested
    talk him out of it. Your parents can get in trouble if u call the cops on ur brother because its their house they will be charged with growing and intent to sell. a minimum of 5 years. Bad bad bad idea. approach your brother and tell him how u feel. but do NOT call the cops

  24. louiz_jj says:

    Yes they will,its on their property they are incharge of what goes on there,both your parents and brother will.

  25. Cookie says:

    You should speak to your parents and the three of you can go to the station together to file a report – this way the officers realize that this is none of your parents doing – if your brother gets caught and your parents don’t know what’s going on or Law Enforcement has any reason to believe they were involved they can go as far as seizing the house, vehicles and all the property in them. You don’t want to loose it all – if your parents don’t want to go to the Police, they may consider having him leave all together.

  26. avalanche1856 says:

    Don’t call the cops and don’t kill your brother’s plants (they’re not yours). Holy $shit, I never thought I’d see the day when this country would turn in to Orwell’s novel “1984”. People are so brainwashed that they’d call the thought-police on their own family knowing the severe consequences they’d face.

    Granted, your brother shouldn’t be doing anything on your parents’ property because of the risk he puts them in. If your brother isn’t on your parents’ property, then leave him alone. Your brother isn’t even doing something that bad – he’s growing a plant, for God’s sake. It’s illegal, but that’s because of the creeps running this country.

    What you need to do is tell your brother he shouldn’t be on your parents’ property doing something so illegal and voice your concerns. If he doesn’t move the plants or get rid of them, then you tell your parents since they have a right to know about illegal activity on their property. Then it’s in their hands and out of yours, but you never call the cops; at least not for immoral laws that are a disgrace to the freedoms that the forefathers of this country said were inalienable.

  27. Heidi H says:

    He’ll get arrested your parents wont because they didnt know about it

  28. Jake W says:

    thats fucking rediuclous. it isnt bothing you any. Why would you wanna snitch on your own brother?

    just fucking chill, tell your parents if your panties are all up in a bunch about it. ya little bitch.