S1/E2: Crop King White Widow EARLY SEEDLING STAGE.

Canada’s First Cannabis-Related Supreme Court Case
March 24, 2015
عصابات Documenting Most Violent Crimes
March 24, 2015

Just a quick update during week one…..I added a few things to the room and reworked how I am feeding and lighting the babies.


  1. hog leg says:

    Awesome man this will be very interesting seeing the dwc with the spectrum
    king. One thing you should look into man is recharge. It’s an all in one
    microrihzie bennaficial bacteria inoculant. I usually mix up a couple grams
    in with some water and pour right on the rocks over the crown of the plants
    and man it just makes your roots explode. It also works really we’ll in
    coco. Just something to check out but looks great man

  2. Kira Barsmith says:

    Looking great, please keep the updates coming, cheers!

  3. J mystro says:

    That feed chart is for clones, not seedlings. Like I commented on your last
    vid, seedlings don’t need to be fed for 3-4 weeks because the seed is full
    of enzymes. You will hurt them with nutrients this early.