Royal Haze Automatic THE GROW – The Harvest Part 2 of 2

So You Wanna Grow Pot #2 (1of3)
August 14, 2011
Royal Haze Automatic THE GROW – The Harvest Part 1 of 2
August 15, 2011

Royal Haze Automatic THE GROW - The Harvest Part 2 of 2CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO LEARN TO GROW CANNABIS WITH THE BEST GROW BOOK IN THE WORLD: Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible By Jorge Cervantes – With 512 full color pages and 1120 full color photographs/illustrations! ROYAL HAZE AUTOMATIC THE GROW is brought to you by Royal Queen Seeds Company – or if in Amsterdam visit High Quality Seedbank on Haarlemmerstraat and you can get them from me in person Thanks for watching! COMM


  1. Martyblue74 says:

    @therealrockondean you should try Mcdonalds mate, they really need people of your calibre (check the complex words in your dictionary (Big word book to you!)). Then you can buy all the soap bar you want. Check the word “Boring” while your at it, your ugly mugshot is right next to it.

  2. herbprophet says:

    Thats the weakest autoflower ive seen…..after trimmed and dried that will yeild you almost an 8th lol.

  3. swishaftw says:

    @therealrockondean MAN IF only we could all be as awesome as you!!

  4. SuperMushypeas says:

    @therealrockondean the amount has nothing to do with the quality,I dont think how he looks has anything to do with how good the weed is ether.and didn’t your mother ever tell you if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all??

  5. duffdeluxe says:

    @therealrockondean you haven’t got a kilo of uk cheese.

  6. andrewpyrah says:

    yield and strength are not the same.

  7. therealrockondean says:

    shit bud ya faggot !!!

  8. vegasmmp says:

    @therealrockondean Your nothing but a dumbass fucktard.

  9. andrewpyrah says:

    🙂 And its good people like you I make my videos for!

  10. herbprophet says:

    I can tell you didn’t “autumn” it off with the 2 week flush before harvest too….that’s gonna taste like poo.

  11. MrtheChief1 says:

    @andrewpyrah I’m visiting dam again in November and was wondering if there is a place that sells genuine Nepalese Temple Balls? Thanks in advance.

  12. MrtheChief1 says:

    @SuperMushypeas therealrockondean must have problems at home hahahaha

  13. andrewpyrah says:

    I love my haters 🙂

  14. therealrockondean says:

    @Martyblue74 i dont go anywhere near Mcdonalds im not a BIG FAT cunt like you !!!


  15. federiconick says:

    do you wont make hash?

  16. andrewpyrah says:

    I might make some hash or maybe cook with the trim, I’m not sure yet.

  17. andrewpyrah says:

    I didn’t use mineral based nutrients so a long flush is unnecessary. They were however given just plain water for the last week.

  18. cabeast says:

    @therealrockondean wheres all your bud grow videos then mate, put up or shut up

  19. duffdeluxe says:

    @therealrockondean buy why so angry about it? presumed you were 12, then saw you are 30, now just feel sorry for you, guess the herb doesn’t enlighten everyone.

  20. swishaftw says:

    AND for all yall saying it’s not good weed. yall r super h8rs

  21. cybermental says:

    @andrewpyrah You’re surely not going to yield much hash from a small pile of trim like that … ?

  22. andrewpyrah says:

    Wow this video has really brought the haters out. The whole point of this series was to show a simple grow, and how with the new autoflowering strains people can grow anywhere. And as to pot size, soil and my drying method – 10 litres is enough for a plant of this size, BioBizz AllMix is a good soil and hanging your buds to dry slowing is the best method. If you have done anything better feel free to post a video for people to see.

  23. NWSurvival81 says:

    Keep it up Andy. To the negative commenters, c’mon there’s no need for that. I’m not trying to start anything, I’m just saying you don’t have to insult people. It’s not good for you or for them. Try helping people, you’ll feel better.

  24. therealrockondean says:

    @Martyblue74 LMFAO sad cunts like you i realy enjoy simply due to the fact im sat here with a kilo of uk cheese !!! and your probably knockin together your last joint rite now !!!


  25. avanty123piw says:

    shocked and appalled by the negative comments. I genuinely liked this video, seriously, I have wanted to be able to watch someone grow a plant from start to finish, and for doing it in such a simple and easy way, you have ended up with some top quality home grown marijuana. I have to say I was surprised by how good the bud looked after trimming! I can’t wait to see the finally of it being dried and smoked!


  26. WeCannabis says:

    verry nice how much g dry ?

  27. cybermental says:

    @therealrockondean who the fuck are you ?

  28. Martyblue74 says:

    @therealrockondean You are obviously not very old and definately of inferior intelect, go back to scrubbing Mcdonalds toilets and leave the keyboard to grown ups.

  29. SuperShano1 says:

    Andrew this is piss poor, if ur going to grow it!! Do it properly? Proper size pot, good soil,good amount of light, and please dnt hang it on that gay little red hanger!?x peace pot

  30. tokethentunes says:

    nice trim

  31. duffdeluxe says:

    @avanty123piw its only one guy being a dick.

  32. lenny1975 says:

    there wont be enough trim to make anything. good job though for being just on a window sill

  33. MrRoyalFlushx says:

    i love you videos you doing great work

  34. andrewpyrah says:

    Thanks man 🙂

  35. lzsthjp says:

    dude, you end EVERY fucking sentence with an upward inflection. stop that shit, for christs sake

  36. SuperMushypeas says:

    @therealrockondean Whats wrong with it?

  37. Punish00 says:

    Chill the fuck out people and enjoy the video

  38. therealrockondean says:

    @duffdeluxe SHUT UP YOU MUGGY FUCK !!!

  39. therealrockondean says:

    @SuperMushypeas well then in that case .. in the NICEST way possible !!!


  40. vegasmmp says:

    @therealrockondean He lives in amsterdam and I envy that and so do a fuckload of other people, god you piss me off you asswipe fuckin Hater.

  41. therealrockondean says:

    @SuperMushypeas 1, not enough of it 2, the guy looks like a heroin addict 3, well it just generaly looks like SHWAG !!!

  42. Martyblue74 says:

    Cheers for sharing bro, Im sure the negative comments dont bother you, after all you wake up in the Dam every day, peace n pot.