Room C – Multi Strain Grow – Part 3

Day 20 Flower, Sealed Room Grow Light Shootout
December 7, 2011
Northern Lights MMJ
December 8, 2011

Room C - Multi Strain Grow - Part 3Just going over a few things with the room and the plants in this one. Enjoy!


  1. GrowerMD says:

    I am sorry about the video everyone I forgot to adjust the volume!

  2. TheCrunchymango says:

    @Professorgreenthumb cont from 1.i get he wants fresh air but this is not the way,even if he pulled via a high mounted filter set on low it will work fine and provide enough fresh air,id drop the fan out unless drawing from inside the room,i see wot he wants however its not a good way to achieve his goal,its made worse by it being so sealed as the only place to leak out the extra air is under the door and c02 will be sitting low(front/back wall/corners) and it will pour out

  3. thaweedmonsta says:

    Idk where we’d be without you. Thanks for everything GrowerMD.

  4. GrowerMD says:

    @ClankyRochet no and i never will, the cost of enzymes and the work to flush it over how many plants i do would be an obscene amount of work considering i do everything myself and the savings would not justified in my mind. I like to start fresh with new coco on every grow. i spare no expense in my grows, i want top quality.

  5. Bret1Maverick says:

    @GrowerMD @ClankyRochet Im trying it as we speak. I use pure canna coco, and have 2 #7 pots, that ive inoculated with cannazym. I did 18ml/gal cannazym, and used 1/2 gallon per pot. Since cannazym is only $25 for a liter, and i can treat 16 bags of coco. Im only trying it on 1 bags worth right now. I figure 35 cents worth of cannazym, is cheeper than a $18 bag of coco. Im gona try it in a kiddie swimming pool, with 4 bags worth next time. It takes 1gal water,and, 32ml zym per 50Lbag.

  6. like2thc says:

    sorry music loud

  7. vermontoker says:

    Man what a beautiful setup. Great vid

  8. 2weezah says:

    some dual hoses r enclosed chasses but sounds as if i am wrong hopefully.

  9. ClankyRochet says:

    Hey man have you ever try to reuse the coco. I heard that it would be better than using new coco due to dead root and ph has already been establish. But you have to flush them real good with enzym or enzym bath where you mix up enzym with water and soak the coco in it for 24hr.

  10. MrFarmerjohn420 says:

    I like that french drain cool idea tou have good cool fresh air to all plants it should help with keeping co2 up too. Keep up all the beautiful work

  11. GrowerMD says:

    @Professorgreenthumb the point i was trying to make was i wanted the controller to offset the pressure when the exhaust kicks on. the plants will suffocate with all the added co2 and not enough fresh air to supplement. i need to find out if the air my AC brings in is enough to keep the plants healthy when co2 is pumping. if it is ill connect the intake to the temp setting on my controller w/ the exhaust. I just want to ease into it so i dont kill my plants and know how to set up future rooms.

  12. TheCrunchymango says:

    @GrowerMD a room with slight negative pressure will hardley remove any c02 if set up correctly,as long as your pulling air out at a small amount from up by the cieling it will be fine as the C02 will sit low in the room(even when stirred by fans it will drop again quickly),i get the room is sealed however it will be going under your door as it must escape somehow(as your pushing more in with the fan right) and the worst place for c02 loss is low down(IE under doors) continue on no 2..

  13. Professorgreenthumb says:

    I’ve been growing that green crack for about a year now, its a huge yielder, and super dank. I think you will really like it. Its a bit of a mess late in flower due to the huge buds and thin stems, but its well worth the fight. I would say that it is on par with the blue dream in yield. But it is a ridiculous name IMO. Someone should rename it. Most of my grow have been multi strain grows. When you get later in flower , the indica strains tend to get drowned out by the sativas. Just FYI

  14. CACOrep says:

    Whats up man, everything looking steezy as usual.Your def right about that jilly bean…I recently helped harvest some, SUUUPER frosty! good luck amigo.

  15. Professorgreenthumb says:

    @GrowerMD good work my friend! Not trying to be critical, just observing

  16. 2weezah says:

    i talked to one of the edgestar reps n they said that the units ur using are a single enclosed chasse, i took that to mean non split so the best ur gunna do in terms of c02 loss is try n balance your in n out pressures by fan speed control either in line with your in n out on your ac or on your in on your room hate to bear the bad news.

  17. Professorgreenthumb says:

    @GrowerMD When I ran CO2 with AC It seemed that even with 1500 PPM CO2, my plants didn’t respond negatively to low oxygen levels. I see now that your just being cautious with the air flow. I wouldn’t worry about the plants “suffocating” Plants really dont need a lot of oxygen, higher levels of CO2 are better than higher levels of Oxygen. I have run completely sealed rooms and added additional CO2, and no additional oxygen, and my plants loved it. Is you AC a Dual Port?( 2 hoses)

  18. Professorgreenthumb says:

    @GrowerMD Any air brought into the room at all is equally offset by air leaving the room. No room is airtight. There is definitly air and CO2 leaving the room. It not as if air can come into a room, and not leave. think about the physics behind this. I agree that the air flow is minimal, and your probably not pushing much out, but you ARE pushing some out. Negitive pressure wont work either. Obviously. Disconnect that fan from the wall, and you will have a sealed room. Just recirculate in room

  19. GrowerMD says:

    @TheCrunchymango like i said, im still fine tuning everything. but trust me, the room is sealed at all gaps and cracks and the co2 isnt being pushed out of the room. the intake is turned down very low just to bring in small amounts of fresh air. a negatively pressured room is worse because it is sucking the co2 out of the room and by definition that is not a sealed room. a video explaining most of this will be up soon

  20. TheCrunchymango says:

    @GrowerMD cont from 1,by pushing air into the room with the fan air MUST escape as the pressure will be inside your room than outside(even a tiny amount of diff will do this)so it will escape under the door where your highest levels of c02 are sitting(fans or no fans),also come hotter weather you will struggle to cool your room and the smell,the only way id use that fan is blowing from inside the room not outside,i hope im wrong but im not,not to mention smells,still all the very best

  21. hookahmob says:

    song name

  22. GreenTigerCA says:

    Music was a little loud on that one 🙂 But great information as always. 🙂


  23. Bret1Maverick says:

    @GrowerMD Oh ok. I know some people do a foliar feeding with it. I was gona just mix it with the regular feeding. Would that be a good ideah? Its so low priced, and since i have a strain that seems to like getting PM, and stuff. After reading what you said, that seems like it might like that stuff. Im gona just use it on everything i have veging right now. Is it good in flower? Archie wouldnt want me using it in the 2k, but i will use it on everyhting im doing alone.

  24. christianbubbles says:

    realy good intro

  25. dirtyknees201 says:

    ice is generaly quite a small plant is it not? the pre flowering would make sense for its hairy finish. ive not grown this strain yet but i have looked into it heavily.

  26. dirtyknees201 says:

    ice is generaly quite a small plant is it not? the pre flowering would make sense for its hairy finish. ive never grown this strain though ive just looked into the heavily.

  27. TheCrunchymango says:

    i see no benifit from running your room in positive pressure at all,your pipe simply pushing the co2 into the corners and under your door as thats all that will be escaping under your door,in renders everything you did RE ducting/smell ex useless and your doing nothing you cannot do better with a sealed/negative pressure room,sure you got high and thought up a great theory no doubt but its flawed and youll soon revert back like countles growers who have tried this ….

  28. GrowerMD says:

    @Professorgreenthumb im going to make a video specifically to discuss why i do this and it will make sense.

  29. TrifeLife510 says:

    love the ideas for your grow .you got quiet the setup bruh
    great choice of strains

  30. M3Sixty says:

    I feel like dancing every time i hear the “GrowerMD” music.

  31. thedangerdub says:

    gotta turn down the music buddy. you tend to keep the level too high. with no compression on your voice over you get drowned out. background music is supposed to be just that.

  32. FieldsofGreen09 says:

    i love the intro music …
    as you can tell by the video on my homepage

  33. slyy8585 says:

    I ran that ice hella times it gets funky if you dont double up on calcium magnesium products it can handle a lot of calcium

  34. TheCrunchymango says:

    @Professorgreenthumb sorry was rushing out n high,this is a crazy set up,blow from inside yes but creating positive pressure(no matter how slight) is bad,the c02 will pour under the door,not to mention smells and come the hot weather he will struggle hard to cool the room,its wrong,id blow air from inside(seal hole)pull air via a filter up high(just slight neg pressure)as this will leak way less co2(via filter) and give him the little fresh air he wants in his room.cont 2

  35. GrowerMD says:

    @Bret1Maverick ya i never noticed it doesnt have ingredients on the bottle. this is really the only description on what it does i could find for you. ” Aquashield is a bio-fungicide water treatment that helps suppress and resist damping off diseases leading to root rot. Aquashield is an all-natural biological stimulant that assists in the management of disease cycles. Unlike the use of fungicides alone, the use of Aquashield breaks the chronic disease cycle while leaving no toxic residues.”

  36. christianbubbles says:

    hey GROWERMD can you show how to germinating cannabis seed all the step like germination how many days it will take and transplanting well nyce grow i love all of your videos and thanks for sharing you are luky becose were you live is legal by the other hand were i live is not so forget what i say peace and keep the world green some day i will make the world green to be a better place to live

  37. GrowerMD says:

    @Professorgreenthumb yes it is, and when the compressor is not running its also bringing in fresh air but i think only around 150-250 cfm. which ive been thinking is enough but time will tell. i will toy around with the info you all have provided before the next update.

  38. Professorgreenthumb says:

    @TheCrunchymango dude, I think I get the jest of what you saying, but your statement is so full of spelling and grammar errors, I can’t quite understand. Can you clean things up a bit so I can understand you?

  39. Bret1Maverick says:

    Sour og is SFVOG, and Sour d. Headband is OGkush crossed with a Masterkush, and then that is crossed with a sour d. So 25%og25%Master, and 50% sour d. I hate headband, and hoepe it dies. I like Sour OG way way way better. Cannamans cut, that you have, looks best, cause it doesnt seem to have much sour d in it. I cant wait to see yours crack off.

  40. TeamGRN420 says:

    @Bret1Maverick really? damn i was gonna grab some silicablast too

  41. Professorgreenthumb says:

    Don’t you think creating positive pressure in the room will force the CO2 out? It’s my understanding that CO2 is most effective in a sealed environment. I don’t think your hurting anything, but if you want to retain most of that CO2 in the room, I would disconnect that inline fan from the wall and just leave it recirculating in the room. And plug that hole.

  42. MuffyThePomeranian says:

    this is going to be epic. love all the improvements. good luck varn!

  43. GrowerMD says:

    @christianbubbles ya ill be cracking some new seeds shortly and ill document it.

  44. GrowerMD says:

    @2weezah lol no he is for sure talking about the wrong unit. mine is dual hose so i can decide where the unit gets it air from(inside the room or outside)

  45. BertBarcheez says:

    If the Ice plant is showing preflowers that fully i would say it is a TRUE female, not many of them around, most of the time youll have like half hermie females and whatnot. It just means youll see actuall bud preflowers on it sooner, please dont throw it away!

  46. Professorgreenthumb says:

    @Professorgreenthumb Furthermore, a room without exaust or intake is the best option for CO2. recirculating inside a room with CO2 is optimal. I know you sealed things up pretty good, but the place where you will lose the most co2 is your door, and since co2 is heavier than air, it will fall to the floor and go under your door. This is evident in one of your previous videos where you showed the door seal, and lots of light was still coming through.

  47. Bret1Maverick says:

    @GrowerMD I did read it. It only has the NPK content on it, and then says “derived from: compost pultry litter” It doesnt list any benificals, but i belive you. The fact that it has 0.02-0.04-0.01 should have indicated to me, that it wouldbt be using nutriants to clean somthing. I will buy it today, because i trust you and sub, over this guy. I did however look at the back, and have the page pulled up, right now. Its not in the ingrediants, or Guaranteed Analysis.I read everything 1st

  48. SMACKaMEfirstYO88 says:


  49. TeamGRN420 says:

    @GrowerMD what do you mean by suffocate? are you not running the burner constantly? can you explain a lil better, theres not a whole lot of info out there in terms of co2 injection, and Ive just been struggling through it in my own setup. Id love to hear all your thought and theory’s, as well as see YOUR results, so i have something to compare to.

  50. GrowerMD says:

    @thedangerdub i just realized i never went back and adjusted the volume! Sorry. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.