ROLLEX OG KUSH Voyagers Coffeeshop Devils Harvest Seeds – Amsterdam Weed Review 2014

S O.G. experimental grow (episode 7)
September 4, 2014
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September 4, 2014

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  1. Andrew Williams says:

    prefer to smoke solid. but green gets you smashed

  2. whatthefuck says:

    I had Rolex from green place was disappointed in it so went back to
    voyagers lol best smoke definetly from there peace and pot bro

  3. PHDinTHC says:


  4. floydsify says:

    Good video Andy, I will be there in 3weeks counting the days at this stage

  5. samsonno11 says:

    you cant beat shoreline from the Green place, Best in Amsterdam

  6. Andrew Pyrah says:
  7. samsonno11 says:

    Does anyone know where in Amsterdam you can still buy Girl scout cookies ,
    Shatter or keeiff ?

  8. Annemarie sanders says:

    Die you ever try mango haze? I have That plant iT tastest lemonly and deep
    mango flavour absolutly amazing

  9. multishot12 says:

    Sour secret is my fav !

  10. EbayHunters says:

    Girl scout cookies!

  11. Roland Heiberg says:
  12. fpsc0and0stuff says:

    Cheese is nice. Good video btw , need to get me some rollex og

  13. remi giraudet says:

    I smoked thé rolex ice from Green place

  14. Paul Mclaughlin says:

    Coming from glasgow scotland . Its just homegrown as u know . For once
    scotland and england are glabol exporters instead of getong sent in . Ano u
    love the cheese brand bur why wohld u not lobe abit of stink blue cheese or
    even just normal chedder lol 

  15. Z Loc says:

    I was there 2 weeks ago voyagers let me down the lemon bubble didn’t even
    burn properley they shouldn’t have got rid of the super bio lemon that was
    amazing. Greenplace weed didn’t burn rollex og from there was wet. 1e hulp
    hands down had the best product and best cured weed and decent prices
    compared to the tourist traps.