rant on police brutality and change


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rant on police brutality and change for live chat with nay all day! Thank you for being a subscriber! You guys rock! Please keep the friend requests coming to face boo…

7 comments on “rant on police brutality and change

  1. Max Break on

    i agree with the addiction thing Nay, self help is good but having good friends is all you need in life, and without friends that have your back you’ve got a smaller chance of being able to help yourself as you will be more insular and more likely too misguide yourself.

  2. Scott Foster on

    Thinking on what your saying weed is a magical thing change my life completely I don’t drink and I smoke to prove that it’s harmless, got a good thing in life at the mo, thank you.

  3. acerlabtop on

    Nay you need to remember to turn the volume back up for vids. Every vid and stream starts out sooo quiet.

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