Question about marijuana growing?

what are the laws against growing marijuana in bc?
September 25, 2010
Ready Set Grow (High Times Marijuana Growing) 7/7
September 25, 2010
Marijuana Growing
indifferent asked:

Someone said people get caught growing weed because there’s helicoptors or something that flies and can detect growth from your home from the air. true?


  1. supracool says:

    i think its some what true but only when you have like a big time operation going if you only got a couple of small grow lights and a few plants you’ll be fine

  2. Me says:

    its true but it’d have to be a significant amount for them to notice it from way up there.

  3. |▒▒Kebert Xela▒▒| says:

    Whether or not you’ll be caught….we don’t know.

    I’d suggest growing up before you find yourself in some serious trouble.
    – assuming of course that you or your friends/family are growing it.

  4. madcat says:

    Well, large areas can be seen from the air. But only a minute number of them are ever found.

    Lot’s of people grow it under grow lights in their homes.

    Just keep in mind it is illegal. Ha.

  5. mikeysco says:

    “…growth from your home”

    I suppose if anything was growing from your home it would be possible to see if from the air.

    If you are asking if it’s possible to see what’s growing inside your home, the answer is (a fairly obvious) no.

    You might want to reword this question and try again.

  6. Aaron says:

    the only reason if cops catch you growing in your house is if you run your mouth about them and the wrong ears hear it or you have alot of expensive growing lights that put out heat which the cop hellicopters can sea because the have cameras that have thermal vision and can see the heat coming from your house but if you are growing like a couple plants with regular lights then you are fine