question about growing marijuana?

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September 11, 2010
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September 11, 2010
Marijuana Growing

ok, now i know that if i put it next to a window it will work, thats what i will do if theres no other options. but, i would rather just grow with a bulb. there is no way i can get a special one for growing, i do have normal ones, black lights, and a heat lamp for a lizard. i dont think they will work but will they?
would that be any different that using the heat lamp?


  1. James says:

    Use a regular light bulb in a foil lined box
    . Watch the temp. You may have to go to a lower wattage bulb.

  2. whitney zack says:

    it depends on your potency and yield goals. if you dont need alot, just a personal stash, 30 watt cfls will work, incandescents are no good. use the cfls until time to flower them, when the plant starts to bud, cut your light time from eighteen hours on, six hours off, to twelve on twelve off, when the light is off dont let any stray light get to them. get a “spot gro” (brand name) bulb to go with your cfls for the flowering stage as this will help keep your buds dry which forces the plant to make the crystals we all love and add density to your bud. just be careful not to put it too close to your plants. get a little fan to blow on them as it helps keep the leaves dry also and builds strength in the main stalk. look into topping the plant to keep it small and trigger your small branches to form bigger main buds and max out your yield. you can use miracle gro bloom and flower mix for this phase and regular fert for the vegetative(initial growth phase) flush your plants with plain water(no fert.) for a week or two before harvest. do some research on drying and curing your bud as this makes all the difference in potency, the thc doesnt develop fully til you cure it. the link i left will help you out enormously

    hope that helps