please help me medical marijuana growing outside 10 points?

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Marijuana Growing
Z M asked:

i have medical marijuana and i need to no how to grow outside i live in oregon i have outdoor seed strain please help me give me some pointers i no i need to start them inside in February and plant them in march where do i plant them help me please give me all i need to no

9 comments on “please help me medical marijuana growing outside 10 points?

  1. Kev on

    You do realize that regardless of state law, growing marijuana is illegal according to federal law and that law supercedes state law. the Supreme Court has even ruled on this.

  2. Matt F on

    well u gotta plant them in fertle soil! and u gotta keep the watterd u cant leth them dry u gotta keep the soil moist!! but dont flud them or they will die is like growing in side prety much u just gotta make shure they stay healthy and watterd and they need sun!!!

  3. Guru on

    marijuana is elligal you retard… i dont think its elligal in canada but in the untied states of america occording to the federal law marijuana is ellegal… g’luck on your drug growing. ( psh.. medical? -rolls eyes- )

  4. Halii on

    I hope you know you need a permit, man.
    I’d plant it out of sight anyway. Don’t wanna get plant-jacked or in trouble. It’s happened to a lot of my friends.
    I’d type out a whole bunch of tips, but, being a lazy stoner, I say you should google it, bro.

  5. Eliza C on

    all i can add to the table is make sure nothing eats them
    my friend had two big plants outside
    and some rabbit or something came and ate them
    i felt so bad for him
    the rabbit must of been really high tho. lol

  6. Native P on

    plant them where they wont get stolen. Dig a holes fluff up the soil plant your seedlings. full sun..most of the day

  7. SSREyes on

    Why are you growing outdoors if you are growing for medical reasons. 1 or 2 small plants grown inside will produce much better buds and your yield would suit your personal needs just fine.

  8. worddudebrandon. on

    Well, you should go to

    Then go to the medical marijuana forum.

    Ask this question there. They really know what they are talking about. I’m sure that you would find what you’re looking for. They have instructions with pictures, it really helps a lot. Good luck.

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