DabKing Travels: Stairwell Dabbin
April 9, 2014
Season 3 Ghetto Dry Boxes Work the Best!
April 9, 2014

OVERCOMING REGIONAL HURDLES FOR OUTDOOR CANNABIS GROWINGall viewers must 18 and up for this video. adult setting, language and activities. Live BF4 with Nay on Cam!


  1. allekans says:

    hahaha yes you did miss it

  2. BigJoe Kasulis says:

    its an actual heated nail

  3. Mrrildom Kush says:

    Yes, arma 3 is amazing when stoned.

  4. allekans says:

    wiggle that tale that s a good boy

  5. Tom Ace says:

    trendys hello, Nay good morning

  6. allekans says:

    yeah then you are well baked

  7. allekans says:

    he need affection

  8. allekans says:

    thanx bradford

  9. pwn3dbyme says:

    I’ve never dabbed before either, can’t find any BHO anywhere near where I

  10. 234cheech says:

    spain some places in africa and some parts of asia

  11. allekans says:

    me 2 rob

  12. rob parker says:

    how old is rosco?

  13. rob parker says:

    i subbed everyone i wasent already subbed too:)))))

  14. Psyopboombox says:

    just burped my 6 jars of SoCal seeds Gdawg

  15. trendyasdabbers says:

    discussing grow problems in YOUR area

  16. BigJoe Kasulis says:


  17. Bradford Blair says:


  18. 234cheech says:


  19. BigJoe Kasulis says:

    the nail is different for this stand then the perfect temp coil

  20. allekans says:

    rosco rocks

  21. BigJoe Kasulis says:

    I wish i had one to show. All I had was spec of said Nail. this stand is
    for a fellow trendy from your FB page

  22. rob parker says:

    how much is good BHO run

  23. allekans says:

    wiggle wiggle

  24. rob parker says:

    cheers @allekan.. thanks:)

  25. rob parker says:

    i wonder what a eatable would do to a dog

  26. rob parker says:

    never dabbed before

  27. Monky D. Luffy says:

    you should try arma 3 its a realistic military sim and its really fun, if
    you like bf4 you’ll love arma 3

  28. pwn3dbyme says:


  29. Bradford Blair says:


  30. BigJoe Kasulis says:

    thanks for the spotlight Nay! Always appreciated Bro.

  31. Monky D. Luffy says:

    Hey nay have you ever plan the game Arma 3?

  32. rob parker says:

    Gonna make a video with it HHT

  33. tim xxhawk says:

    whats up homie …… are you growing any new genetics this year in the
    outdoor just curious????????????? Im growing this Bubba Og from Dr
    Greenthumb seeds and it is the bomb bro and i was up i should start
    checking again if your on in the am……..peace trendy

  34. 234cheech says:

    nay the raver lol

  35. allekans says:


  36. rob parker says:

    hahahaha dabbing dog.. envy!!! lmao

  37. allekans says:

    o yeah energyzing

  38. matthew monroe says:


  39. HappyHighTime says:

    hahaha he’s such a good dog!!

  40. Monky D. Luffy says:


  41. HappyHighTime says:


  42. 234cheech says:


  43. allekans says:

    i did it to my cat and i saw it realy helped her aswell man

  44. medi CalGrower says:

    whens the next google hangout?

  45. HappyHighTime says:

    waiting on my New Worked bowl from AQL Can’t wait! =]

  46. Bradford Blair says:


  47. Tom Ace says:


  48. allekans says:


  49. Tom Ace says:

    Dead Space is awesome!!!

  50. rob parker says:

    i saw him in a old video where your landlords was being nosey